Helping Hands Bakery Review and Giveaway

While I don’t know what having an autistic child means, I do know some people that have a child with Autism. Having three that are autistic I can only imagine would very challenging. When Bridget Lane was faced with this diagnosis, she decided to take action to help her own children and others with special needs.

Helping Hands Bakery products are gluten free, which is great for her kids and others. And they  hire people with special needs and have a normal work environment. These people are able to earn a fair wage and develop life skills (self reliance, team work…) and job skills. This is such a great service he is providing.

I was thrilled to be able to review these amazing products.

I received the a gluten free sample pack to review. It included:

  • Monster Bites – chocolate chip oatmeal
  • Cranberry & Flax Bites 
  • Snickerdoodles
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites

My Thoughts

For a person that does not need to eat gluten free, I would have never known these are. They are all wonderful. My son really loved the chocolate chip bites. They were the perfect size for the little man. My husband loved the monster bites. I on the other hand have now and will always be a snickerdoodle fan. These were fabulous.

The cranberry and flax bites were a great breakfast item to have. While I am not a cranberry fan, these made it easy to grab and go on my busy mornings. Hubby liked those as well.

Helping Hands Bakery items can be found at Whole Foods. It would be great if your local grocer doesn’t carry these items to request them. Not only are they good for you but what they are doing is such a great thing we need to spread the word!


I am thrilled that Helping Hand Bakery is giving one of my readers the chance to try these wonderful items.  The is for US Residents only and will end 1/3/12. Good Luck!

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  2. I was doing a search on google for Helping Hands Bakery as I have heard good things about it and am always looking for good gluten free foods. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a few years ago and sure do miss good bakery items! Would love to try it

  3. As someone who follows a glutenfree diet, these Helping Hands Bakery’s items sound delicious to me. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for them next time I’m at Whole Foods. So glad I saw this giveaway on twitter, thanks!

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