A&E has a new weight loss docudrama called Heavy. I just briefly caught a glimpse of what this was and wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to see it.  Once I started watching it really was interesting.

About the Show

Each episode takes two very overweight people and puts them on a 6 month weight loss journey. For the first month they are in a controlled environment at a fitness facility and each have a person trainer. After the first month they must go back to their lives and use the tools they were given. Now here is the catch, if they are not succeeding on their own they MUST go back to the facility for a few more weeks to regain control. 

Episode One

Last night was a 638lb man and a woman 364lbs. At 638lbs Tom can barely walk 2 minutes without stopping for a break. He basically is home bound and eats in bed. In his intro you see him going to a fast food place and ordering 6 jr burgers and 3 nuggets. That was just dinner.  Jodi at 364lbs and 36 has already suffered a mini stroke. Her stress levels and weight are causing huge issues.  What I liked about this show is that it not only works on their weight issues but head issues. Being overweight myself, the mental game is far harder to win then the weight game. I also like that this isn’t a competitive show. There is no prize money for losing weight. The prize is being alive and healthy and on the right track to success. One downside of the show is that it packs in 6 months of work on their part into a one hour episode.  I wish they would have showed their struggles a bit more and maybe made it into a 2 or 3 episode per six months.


This show is the real deal. These people aren’t in it for some money. They are in it for their lives and the lives of their family. It showed me that I need to nip this in the bud before it gets out of control. It shows me that if a 638lb man can workout then I can certainly workout. If you missed this show please check out this clip and then catch Heavy on A&E every Monday night at 10E/9C.


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  1. Amazing how mental it all is! It was great to see how much better they felt as they started losing the weight. It’s great when you can see all the hard work paying off. It helps keep you in a positive frame of mind. There were days when Jodi would just cry during her work outs. That was tough to watch but kuddos to her because she was still doing it!
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