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Healthy Living Tips: Five Ways for Boosting Your Health to Avoid Allergies

healthy living tips for spring allergiesIf you suffer from allergies, you know the misery that spring can bring. Sneezing, watery eyes and itchy noses are the bane of the existence of those that must deal with allergies each year. Luckily, if you have allergies, there are ways that you can boost your health, both before and during allergy season.
Here are five great ways to optimize your health and stave off the worst of your allergy symptoms this year:

Eat Right before the Season

Allergy season typically starts between mid-February and early March. This gives you yet one more reason to stick to that New Year’s Resolution of eating healthier! Did you know that eating certain foods can help remove toxins from your body which, in turn, can help alleviate some of your allergy symptoms? Starting in January, begin removing heavy, oily foods from your diet. Fatty, fried and processed foods are difficult for your body to digest. Change your diet and begin to include fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These foods will help move toxins through your system and out of your body.

Spice It Up

Did you know that certain spices contain chemicals and flavonoids that can reduce your reactions to allergens? Here is a great recipe for a spice mixture that can help you combat your allergies:

  • 6 parts each of fennel and coriander
  • 3 parts turmeric 
  • 1 part each of black pepper and ginger
  • Add one teaspoon of this mixture to your dinner every night in any manner you like: rub it on fish, add it to stir fry or sprinkle it over a baked potato; the choice is yours.

Utilize Supplements

There are many supplements on the market that are available for those who suffer with allergies. If you can’t find these readily available in your area, taking even a simple multivitamin can help. When your body is at its nutritional peak, it is better able to fight off allergens and, while your symptoms may not disappear, they will be lessened.

Sleep In

Think about what your doctor tells you when you’re sick: “get lots of rest”. That’s because doctors know that a proper sleep schedule can help boost your immune system and fight off illness. For those that suffer with allergies, the advice is the same: sleep! A healthy adult needs about eight hours of sleep a night. Adjust your sleep schedule so that you are getting an average of eight hours of sleep per night. If you have problems sleeping, here are some tips:

  • Empty your bedroom of any distractions
  • Hang light-blocking curtains
  • Do the same thing before bed each night to prepare your mind for sleep
  • Set your alarm at the same time each morning

By getting your body used to a regulated sleep schedule, you’ll find that you are better able to get a full night’s, restful sleep.

Go for a Walk

If walking isn’t your thing, hop on your bike, exercise in front of your television or go for a swim. Whatever you decide to do, get moving! Just like proper nutrition and sleep help boost your immune system, so does exercise. Just make sure that you exercise in the late afternoon or early evening so that you aren’t exposing yourself to the majority of allergens outside. No one wants to spend months dealing with headaches, runny noses and itchy-watery eyes. By preparing your body ahead of time, and continue to nurture it during the season, you can make it through this spring with less suffering than you have in years past. Eat right, sleep well and get moving; your sinuses will thank you!

Megan Hoffsted is a freelance writer and blogger. She often writes for where you can find an assortment of products to help fight allergies like allergy free bedding. She also frequently writes for, a site that provides information for those with dust mite allergies.

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