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Heal Yourself with Your Garden

A garden adjoining your living space is a boon; is soothing and useful. Many who nurture a green thumb also maintain one at home. Gardening apart from its usefulness and beautifying aspect, has a therapeutic effect also, especially to those of you who have lost a loved one or have had to separate. Even seniors who have free time can indulge their green fingers.


A mansion devoid of greenery looks drab, whereas a humble abode with a dash of green looks cozy. If the greens are dotted with colorful blossoms, nothing to beat the cheery look. Now is the time to get initiated. Go out there and buy all that is needed to paint your thumb brown. Gardening helps to de-stress and remove negative thoughts from your mind.


Getting Started

Look at your space. If you own a spacious home, you’re lucky. Read up a few books on how to landscape. Decide on what theme you wish to have for your garden. Is it a Japanese Zen garden or a Fengshui one or simply a place full of greens, blooms and herbs? Green is the color for growth, hope and happiness. So plan well and start work on your garden. You will be surprised to note that you’re totally occupied with it and have no time to mope.


Apartment owners, ensure you’ve large windows with sills where you can grow potted plants. Place pots in strategic locations in your home-upon the television; in your bathroom; atop the refrigerator. It is believed that plants remove the negative energy present inside the home.   



Choose plants according to the climate and soil. You will certainly have an idea of which plants thrive where. Read online about gardening and lawn care. Choose vegetables, fruits and flowers that grow easily. Eating vegetables grown in your garden gives a new high. The nurturing helps you to feel wanted and secured. 


Seasonal Blossoms


Some flowers will smile upon your garden everyday. Often people complain that flowers like marigold stop flowering after two or three years. The fact is some plants’ life cycle is fixed. After 2-3 cycles, they stop flowering! When you watch this happen you realize that our life is no different from this.

Allot space for herbs too, especially aromatic herbs like basil, cilantro etc heal as well as flavor food. 


Go Organic

When you use organic soil, you’re preserving the environment. Use vermiculture compost. This is an ingenious ways of disposing organic waste. Chemical fertilizers are harmful to earthworms and other living organisms, apart from contaminating ground water.

After preparing the soil, sow your seeds or plant saplings with your own hands. Water them daily and watch them sprout. A new sprout holds promise of your nurturing abilities; rekindling hope.

The act of digging with a spade and overturning the soil is like renewing hope, bringing to the surface your hidden talents, strengths and desires. While uprooting weeds, you mentally uproot unwanted emotions of hatred, envy etc. As you mow your lawn, you’re leveling your emotional state.  

Cherish the fruits of your labor. Decorate your altar with flowers that you’ve grown; with fruits from your orchard and garnish your food with herbs.

Arrange a picnic with loved ones, where you get to enjoy seated on your green carpet of velvety grass. Get-togethers can be held at your lawns.

Bask in the warmth of your garden. Spend a lazy afternoon just snuggling on your hammock with a book in hand. A garden offers you the pleasure of vacationing within the confines of your home!


Joel Newman is a health expert who often blogs on these subjects. Presently he is into research on ‘human growth hormone’.

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  1. The times that I get close to nature.. I feel that it really does heal and restore. Much like painting watercolor and listening to music. It’s an emotioanl holistic experience. Gardening is healing indeed.
    All the best,
    Eren Mckay´s last blog post ..Short Broken Heart Poems

  2. Thanks for the comment! I wish I had a greenier thumb! I think anything creative can be healing.

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