carpetThe carpets in any home are likely to receive a high amount of traffic and wear with time. Between spills and common stains that can occur, it’s normal for the carpets to become dirty and show their age without proper care. Instead of living with filthy carpets, there are a few everyday habits to avoid to ensure you have cleaner floors and a comfortable living environment.

Wearing Shoes

Wearing shoes on the carpet tracks in dirt from the outside, as well as diminishes the color of the carpet. Avoid wearing shoes on the carpet and make it a point to tell guests to leave their boots or sandals at the door before entering. Although it may be an inconvenience, mud and dirt will be left at the front without having it tracked indoors.

Eating Over the Carpet

Eating over the carpet on the couch or at a dining table quickly welcomes stains from spills that occur. Avoid eating or drinking on the carpet and use a rug under a dining table if carpet is directly underneath.

Forgetting to Treat Spots

When living in a home, spots are likely to occur with spills or from pets. It’s important to treat the spots immediately to avoid having them set in permanently. Use a stain or spot remover and allow it to soak on older stains that are already present.

Not Having the HVAC Ducts Cleaned

You may think that dirt only accumulates on the carpet from shoes and spills, but the air can also have an impact on it. According to AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning Ltd, which provides duct cleaning in Guelph, the HVAC ducts should be cleaned at least once a year by a professional to ensure that dust and dirt do not settle in through the HVAC system.

Avoiding Rugs

Rugs should not only be used on hardwood floors, but also on carpets where there are high levels of traffic. Use rugs in the hallways, at the entrance of the bedrooms, and in the dining room to preserve the carpets and allow them to stay in great condition.


Carpets can often deteriorate and become worn due to everyday habits of residents in the home. By making a few simple changes and taking extra steps to care for the floors, it’s possible to extend the lifespan of the carpets and allow them to look attractive for several years.

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