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The Fisher-Price iXL Learning System is the most up-to-date digital interactive hand held learning gadget to hit the home market in time for this years Xmas buying season.

The iXL Learning System is actually half a dozen different devices in one and comes preloaded with software for each of the six applications straight out of the carton. Similar to the Vtech VReader, the iXL Learning System encourages boys and girls aged three to seven years of age to sit and learn to read and also build up their vocabulary. One of the largest benefits which the Fisher Price iXL Learning System has over the VReader is simplicity of use. Children are going to have no issue moving between various applications and they will appreciate the concept of installing their own chosen songs.

Multiple uses.

The Fisher-Price iXL Learning System serves as a digital book reader, a digital art book, photo viewer, game machine, notepad and MP3 player all mixed into one. The iXL in addition, can multi-task which allows young children to listen to favorite songs and also operate other applications all at once. Loading audio and new music is really easy and can be down loaded on to the iXL using the USB connection on almost any notebook computer or family computer.

Easy for the little ones to us.

Close to the dimensions of an ordinary children’s book, the iXL has the benefit of a color touchscreen display along with a plastic stylus and connected seven inch nylon cord. Additional features include an SD expansion slot to incorporate more ram, Liquid crystal light adjustment sensor, single speaker, headphone jack port and volume control. Parents will be thankful for the locking battery compartment for younger boys and girls and also the user friendly navigation menus. The iXL appears particularly resilient and that is certainly a plus with the intended age range of this product.

One excellent aspect of the iXL Learning System is the facility for young people to draw and also shade over downloaded photographs via the photograph viewer application. The story reader includes two modes, story and free play. When working with the story mode, it’s not possible to make use of the screen or flip the pages. In free play, on the other hand, you’ll be able to flip over pages and have interaction with the tale and animated graphics. There are numerous pre-loaded games including a cooking game and basketball game.

Overall, the Fisher Price iXL Learning System is definitely an adaptable product at a reasonable asking price.

 The software offered with the product is straightforward for kids to play with and has plenty of variances to help keep children busy while not getting bored too easy. The administrative software which is used to load the different games and activities is simple to operate for just about everyone so you you shouldn’t need an IT degree for you to use it. If you’re looking for just a story reader, you might want to think about the VTech VReader.

If you are searching for a multi-purpose instrument which is simple to operate, feature rich and educational my personal endorsement from the Christmas Hot Toys list, is the handheld, interactive Fisher Price iXL Learning System.

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