Daisy Drusilla Bags- Handmade Stroller Diaper Bag Review

Candice Santos from Daisy Drusilla Bags allowed my reviewer Emily to review her new stroller diaper bag. Candice offers a wide variety of handmade bags. I love her reusable grocery bag but I see now on her Etsy shop she has small trick or treat bags. Might have to check those out!


Why I Needed This

As a mother of 3 little ones, I am always looking for ways to make my life a little bit easier. The biggest challenge I face is traveling, whether it be a long day trip or just to the store. It seems like I need to pack up half of my house just to go somewhere for the afternoon. (I always like to be prepared for anything.) The problem with that? I never know where to put everything, especially items for myself. My diaper bag only holds so much and my purse got retired because its too much to carry around a diaper bag, a purse, a baby, and hold a toddler's hand.

My Review

I received a wonderful handmade stroller diaper bag. What a neat idea! The stroller bag was very cute and well made. It attached to the back of my stroller giving me extra room to put necessary items that I wouldn't normally have room for. This freed up my diaper bag so it wasn't overflowing and gave me easier access to things. You could even get rid of your diaper bag completely and use only this.It has adjustable straps that hooks easily onto the stroller handle and is made with three large front pockets.  Now when I go somewhere where I take the stroller, I can just reach in one of the bag's pockets and grab things easily like a bottle, pacifier, hand sanitizer, or even a bottle of water for myself! It is amazing how something so simple could be so convenient!

It attached very easily to the stroller and comes off to be washed when needed. I was very pleased with this product! This was a very clever idea. I have never seen something like this in the stores. (Maybe I never really looked though.) Anyone who has a child who is in a stroller should get one of these. The fabric even matched my stroller print almost exact. This was a big deal to me because I am picky about things like that.

Another Great Item

I also got a bonus hand made wet bag which is great for wet cloth diapers, wet clothes, or wipes on the go. Its made of material that won't soak through so you can close it up and not have to worry about everything in your diaper bag getting wet. Another great idea! 

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