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Crafting Love with Chalk Couture

So, it’s been a few weeks since I started Chalk Couture and as a result, I am obsessed! My kit came and I have been doing nothing but chalking up a storm. Finally, I have some products to show you.

My Why

Like I have said I have always loved crafting. I have been a die hard cross stitcher since I was 12. Unfortunately, it takes some time to complete a project and, because of this, I am usually getting side tracked. With Chalk Couture, you can do a small project in a matter of minutes. I won’t lie, I wanted to start this journey because I love crafting and I can make some money at it. I love going to craft shows, so I will be attending some as a vendor to sell my finished products. So I can do something I enjoy and hopefully pay off some pesky debt I have or my upcoming honeymoon. Above all, it’s just so stinkin’ fun.

What’s in it for you?

Well that depends on your why. Are you wanting to do just a project here and there? Maybe a one time project as a gift? Are you wanting to do this as a business like me and help pay some old debt off? Whatever your why might be, I am pretty sure I have something for you. All ya gots to do is ask!

Buying Options

Here is the low down on some options if you might be interested:

1- Become a designer and get 40% off all product. The start up kit is $99 and you get $240 worth of product. For that reason alone, this is a steal. (Ask me about your incentive to sign up)

2- Enroll in Club Couture. It’s a monthly subscription box that comes to you ready for crafting. For $19.99 you get a transfer and 3 paste singles. There is a 3 month commitment that is required. For an additional $69.99 you will get 2 surfaces (which are amazing) the multi tool. mini squeegee, a white paste, and board erasers. ( Bonus surface if you sign up. Just say you saw this post)

3- Bundle it. I have an amazing bundle package that I am offering. You get everything you need to complete a project. You will get a surface, A size transfer, 2 paste singles, and mini squeegee. Contact me for pricing.

So you like what you hear so far? Still not what you are wanting? Well tell me what floats your boat and I will see what I can do. Come over to the Bond with Karla Facebook page and tell me. I will hook you up! It’s really that easy peeps.

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