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Arts and Crafts for Kids- St. Patrick’s Day

st patricks day craftsSo I hate going out and spending money on holiday decorations when they are only up for a month, if not shorter.  I went on a mission to find a craft idea I could do, and that was easy to do. I am not a patient crafter.  The four leaf clover button wreath was born!



Craft Items Needed

  • 2 sheets of green glitter foam sheets
  • hot glue
  • variety of buttons
  • ribbon


Make a heart template from a piece of scrap paper. Trace the heart on the foam and cut out. Make them big enough to get 2 hearts per foam sheet. Glue all the tips of heats together making the tips the middle of the wreath. Place a really big button in the middle covering the tips. Then hot glue buttons all around the edges of the hearts. Becarfeful of the hot glue, I managed to burn myself in the making of this project.

Cut a hole in the wreath to thread the ribbon through. Tie together and hang. This really was a quick and easy craft project. Cooper really didn't help much other than to hand me the button but he did make a version of his own that is haning loud and proud in my living room.

If you take on this St. Patricks day craft please leave me a comment on how it went or if you changed it up a bit. Would love to hear about it.


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2 thoughts on “Arts and Crafts for Kids- St. Patrick’s Day

  1. This is so cute. We are doing something similar though I'll have to admit that through a combination of laziness, and cheapness on my part I have got pre-cut shamrock shapes from the 99 cents store and glitter with some large glitter shapes as well. So, not quite as tasteful as the buttons. I have decided that hot glue is just going to have to wait until everyone is older so maybe this project sould wait too. That thing is just too dangerous.

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