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Aquahydrate- The Super Charged Water

AquahydrateI for one am NOT a water drinker. I know if I want to lose weight and be healthy that it is important for me to drink it. One way for me to get my water in is to drink the flavored stuff. I had been using the packets you put it but have found some other bottled kind that I think is better. I know I know, nothing is better than the pure thing.  This week on Mamavation our sponsor was Aquahydrate. I had never heard of them before. So I looked at what is was. This is super charged water guys. If we have to drink it, shouldn’t it be worth our while to drink it?

AquaHydrate, the first high-performance sports water, has a unique combination of ionic minerals and an alkaline pH in an ultra-pure water. When athletes drink AquaHydrate on a regular basis, they notice significant improvements in their focus, sports performance and ability to recover after intense workouts and competition.(from Aquahydrate’s website)

Here is an 8 minute You Tube video that helps explain what it more.

Aquahydrate is also the prime choice of drink for many celebrities. Olympian Julie Swail, Golfer Jack Nicklaus and hottie actor/singer Mark Wahlberg. Check out Mark’s aquahydrate video, caution he isn’t wearing a shirt!

While Aquahdrate is focused on sports nutrition, anyone that has a workout routine can benefit from this water. This water will help keep you hydrated when your sweating like a pig at the gym. There is only one plan in town that carries it so I may have to order it. 

What do you have to lose by giving it a try? If I am going to drink the stuff water, I want it to be doing something for me. Join me in becoming healthier one gulp at a time!

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