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A Space to Create: Designing a Writing Nook in a Small Home

Are you a writer in any capacity? Maybe you’re a budding poet, a screenwriter, perhaps you publish your own e-books or contribute regular content for your blog? You might even write as a job in the form of a freelance writer, content or copywriter. If so, you’ll know the importance of the right surroundings when it comes to tapping into your creativity, as writing in any form requires a lot of concentration. While your best ideas might come to you while you’re sat on the bus, at 3am or in the bath, when it comes to getting them down in a way that’s cohesive and fluent, a comfy and quiet cosy space is going to be best. If you don’t have a large home with a spare room that you can turn into an office you might be wondering how you can go about achieving this kind of space, but if you’re smart about it it can be done. Here are some ideas!

Under the stairs

Under the stairs tends to be a wasted area in many homes, and depending on the dimensions that you have, it could make the perfect little writing nook. It might be as simple as pulling everything out and installing a desk, a plant and some cosy lighting, or you could go all out and have residential architects build you something custom- perhaps with a built in desk, bookshelves and concealed drawers? It’s a great way to turn what’s normally wasted space into something really cool looking and usable, make it ultra comfy and you’ll have fun creating lots of content from here. 

Garden room

Extending the home is a great option but isn’t something that’s doable for everyone. If you don’t want to foot the huge bills or maybe you’ll struggle getting planning permission, a garden room can be a really good alternative. These wooden outbuildings are fully insulated so unlike sheds or summer houses, they function just the same as rooms in the home. They don’t require planning permission and are much cheaper and easier to put up than brick built extensions. It’s a space by home but out of the home that you could dedicate solely to your writing and getting your work done. 

Corner of a bedroom

If you don’t have any other options in the home for somewhere to put a desk, something as simple as turning a corner of your bedroom into a mini office area could work well. Hang some inspirational prints on the walls, add some wall mounted storage and invest in a really comfy chair. Since the bedroom is hopefully already a quiet and serene space you’r already one step ahead, but having a desk rather than sitting on your bed is much better for you. Especially if you do a lot of work and spend hours writing, a desk and chair will be much kinder on your back and neck. 

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