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7 Ways To Create An Autumn Feel In Your Home

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This season is where the nights draw earlier, the temperatures start to fall, the leaves change color, pumpkin-spiced lattes appear on the restaurant menus, and Bonfire Night and Halloween celebrations take place, not forgetting the harvest festival celebration. In your home, it’s all about moving from summer to autumn smoothly and making it feel cozy and warm. 

Nothing really beats the feeling you get from snuggling up with your loved ones in a cozy and inviting home. Have a look below at some of the home ideas that will help you get your home feeling autumnal and warm: 

Clean Your Oven 

Yes, we will start with the boring task of cleaning your oven, however, it’s for a good reason. It’s good to give your oven a deep clean at least once a year, and if you are planning on joining most by baking more and cooking more at home during the colder months there is no better time to get it done. 

Deep Clean Your Home 

Most people will give their home a good clean in the spring, however, autumn presents a great time for a deep clean too. Wipe your windows over, clean the skirting boards, and dust frequently. Make sure you include the tops of cupboards and get your home sparkling for winter. 

Clean Your Fireplace

Autumn is the time when most people will start using their fireplace again, ideally, you should give it a good clean before you use it. Line the surrounding area with paper a, remove the loose ashes, and dust it with a broom and shovel. Using a wire brush clean the bricks using baking soda and warm water. 

Update Your Furniture 

If you want to update any of your furniture, now is a perfect time. The weather may be wetter, but, it is certainly better than it will be trying to move a new future and dispose of old furniture in the winter. Want that new bedroom set from It may be worth getting it sorted before the winter months. 


No one really likes a cluttered home. Donate your old clothes to charity, clear out your kitchen cupboards, and donate any old food to food banks. This way others who really need them can use them rather than them wasting space in your home. 

Create An Atmosphere With Candles

Candles are a great tool for setting the atmosphere in your home. You can create a cozy and relaxing space with a range of different candles. Including scented and non-scented. Whether it’s a few tea lights or pillar candles on the mantle it will give you an extra cozy feeling. 

Add Some Cushions And Throws

There is nothing better than going for a long walk in the fresh autumn air and then retreating to your home to curl up under a throw. Adding throws and cushions, or chunky wool blankets, to your bedroom ot sofa can help to transform your space. 

These seven tips should help you to get your home relaxing and cozy for autumn, is there anything that you are planning on doing to your home to create the perfect space? Share some of your ideas in the comments below. 

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