organization suppliesLet's face it, us Mom's have to be organized. If we don't have an organized home then it will just turn into pure chaos and our lives will never be the same.  Three by Three Seattle has exactly what any household needs to keep organized to make sure you don't drop your son at ballet and your daughter off at baseball.

Three by Three Seattle products are for the designer in each of us. Not only are their designs innovative and functional but they are unique. They are also fantastic to look at.  All Three by Three Seattle products are made with superior materials and produced according to the highest standards of quality. They even have products made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo. They carry everything for your home, office, and school.

I was thrilled to receive the Sort it Out caddy for review.


• a real bamboo or magnetic stainless dry•erase surface
• a silkscreened weekly planner
• 2 strong magnets for posting cards and photos.
• 3 rear compartments for files, magazines, mail, glasses, phones, and pens
• 3 hooks for keys, coats, bags

Includes 2 strong magnets, dry•erase pen, and mounting hardware.


My Thoughts

I received the stainless sort it out caddy.  I had my husband but it up right by the back door in our kitchen so we would have a place to hang our keys when we came in. Unfortunately, it likes to fall off the wall when we shut the door so he is in the process of trying to secure it better to the wall.  What I can tell you about this incident is that it's a tough caddy. It has fallen off the wall twice and it still intact. Which proves that the quality of the materials is outstanding.

I love the dry erase surface it has. What it WAS on the wall, I could leave my husband a note that he could see when he grabbed his keys, which was usually not to forget to pick up our son at daycare.  I know with summer coming and us hopefully getting him into some type of summer activity, we will be writing even more on this. Another nice thing is that there is a slot of every day of the week so plenty of room to jot down those notes.

The 3 compartments are great for placing papers and is great if you are like me and forget that you need to take papers with you. Since we moved into our new house I have yet to find a place to put the bills that need paid. This is perfect. I can put them in these compartments and when they are due I can write them on the surface to pay them.  Perfect!! Oh an it makes my kitchen look great, when it's not on the floor.

The Giveaway

Pay attention Moms!! You can win a Sort it Out caddy for your very own. Three by Three Seattle is being very generous and giving one lucky reader the organization they may be needing. US Residents only ends 4/19. Good Luck!

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