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Top Ten Vitamin C Foods

Vitamin C is one of the micronutrients that your body can benefit form.  It can help strengthening your immune system and maintain blood vessels, tissues, and cartilage.   

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant which could help detoxify your body. The good news is you can easily get Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.  So here is a list of top ten foods that contain rich amount of C vitamin.   

Five Best Greens and Spices  

  1.   Red/Green Hot Chili Peppers contain the highest amount of vitamin C at 242mg per 100 grams serving.  Choose the green and freshly picked hot peppers.  If you are fond of hot and spicy foods, then these chili peppers are best for you. 
  2.  Sweet Yellow Bell Peppers contain 184mg of C vitamin per 100 grams serving.  All bell peppers are actually good sources but the yellow varieties contain the highest concentration of complex C vitamins.   They are best for pizza toppings or you can mix them in your side dishes. 
  3.  Leafy Dark Vegetables should always be included in your diet if you want to enjoy the benefits of vitamin C.  These vegetables are also excellent sources of calcium and other vitamins and minerals.  Raw kale contains 120mg of complex C vitamins per 100 grams serving.  Garden cress and mustard greens are also excellent sources. 
  4.  Broccoli is another dark green vegetable that contains rich amount of vitamin C.  It contains as much as 89mg of C vitamin per 100 grams.  The best thing is that broccoli is considered a complete food.  All the essential vitamins and minerals are present in it. 
  5.  Herbs such as parsley and thyme can provide you with rich amount of C vitamin.  Thyme for example has 160mg per 100 grams while parsley has 133mg.  You can use both fresh and dried herbs and you can still get the necessary vitamins and minerals from them. 

Five Best Fruits with High Levels of Vitamin C Content  

Almost all fruits are rich in C vitamin. However, some fruit varieties have higher levels of C vitamin content compared to others.  So here are the best fruits with the highest levels of ascorbic acid. 
  1.  Guava tops the list with 228mg C vitamin per 100 grams serving.  It is best to eat green guavas and those that are net yet fully ripe. 
  2.  In close second is Kiwi which contains 93mg of vitamin C per 100 grams.  It is also known as Chinese Gooseberries and very popular as fruit salad filler.
  3.  The good old papaya comes in third place.  It contains 62mg C vitamin per 100 grams.  It is also very rich in vitamin A and dietary fiber. 
  4.  The fourth best fruit is orange.  It has sufficient ascorbic acid and you can eat it as a snack or prepare it as a fruit juice. 
  5.  And last but not least are strawberries.  Strawberries contain 59mg vitamin C per 100 grams.  They are very delicious and should be eaten raw. 


The fact that you can find vitamin C in almost every fruit (interesting, but little known fact is that the Danish term is C vitamin fødevarer), means that you should include as much fruits as you can in your diet.  

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