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Three Great Mental Exercises For A Healthy Brain

If you’re looking to maintain a properly functioning brain, the following 3 great mental exercises for a healthy brain will be something that you want to be doing daily.  They are going to help to enrich the neural connections in your brain, boosting the overall activity while enhancing memory and cognition.

Just as it’s important to exercise the body on a regular basis, it’s also going to be important to exercise the mind, and these three exercises will do that perfectly.

Play The Hand Switch Game

The first of our 3 great mental exercises for a healthy brain is the hand switch game.  For this one, you simply take a task that you normally always do with one hand and then perform it with the other. For example, rather than controlling your computer mouse with the right hand, switch and use the left hand instead.

This is likely going to feel quite awkward and you will likely be slower, but this is the brain forming new connections and learning how to complete this unusual task for it.

Close Your Eyes

Another mental exercise that you can do that will enhance your brain strength and keep it healthy is to perform a very routine task with your eyes clothes.

For instance as you go about getting dressed in the morning, try and do it without your sense of sight – just be sure to lay out the clothes you’re going to put on first, obviously.

Or, when you’re washing your face and brushing your teeth as part of your morning routine, also aim to do that without opening your eyes as well.

This will force the brain to focus on other senses in the body more, therefore increasing its overall stimulation. 

Perform Puzzles

Finally, the last of our 3 great exercises for a healthy brain are to perform puzzles regularly. Whether it’s a crossword puzzle you’re doing or a regular picture puzzle, these will keep the brain active and will help to strengthen the mind.

There are also many riddles and puzzles that you can look up, either online or in a bookstore that will have you working your brain to a larger extent than normal as you try and come up with the answer.

The key to strengthening the mind with puzzles is to get your brain performing tasks that it normally doesn’t encounter everyday as this will enhance learning and lead to positive brain growth.

There you have 3 great mental exercises for a healthy brain that you should be doing regularly. If you can do these along with socialize and read regularly, two other activities that help to keep the brain healthy, you’ll be taking care of both your body and your brain with your approach to wellness. 

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  1. I`m always looking for things that help our mental health. These games are great and also help us focus on something other than the daily grind problems that we face.
    The other thing that I have found help me is learning to relax and stay calm through relaxing music and also through certain colors.
    Great article. All the best,
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