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Spirituality Leads you from Stuggle

Your Spiritual journey will lead you away from struggle to the reality that struggle is, in fact, optional. We were meant to live lives in abundance, experiencing joy, love and great health.Spiritual Path

Yes, our souls come to this lifetime to learn lessons and evolve. And those lessons often happen following a major life-altering crisis. Pay attention to those words – life-altering. It is about living through the pain into the beauty of abundance. And the fact that struggle happens is only the result of our neglecting to connect with who we really are – which is Spirit. We are Spiritual beings living human experiences.

Our Spirit presents us with the messages that could lead us to easy happier lives – if only we choose to listen and incorporate that information into how we live. Unfortunately most people have no clue those opportunities surround them constantly because we were never taught to look for them or how to listen for them let alone put them into action.

What is your Spirit and why should you listen to it? Your Spirit is that immortal part of you that knows everything about you past, present and future. It knows where you are heading and the best route to get there. And it tells you that – when you ask for direction.

Think about how you make decisions today. You consider the many alternatives and choose one of the options. Then maybe you act on that choice or maybe you put that action on the back burner for another time.

Procrastination kills dreams – and people too. How many people do you know of who had health issues and clearly saw signs that something was not right – but they kept putting off seeking medical or alternative treatment? Maybe you did that?

Then when it gets so bad they seek the help they unfortunately discover their condition is beyond help -according to the mainstream paradigm. Well, every warning came from the Spirit. And each time it got more in their face with more discomfort. When you ignore someone they get louder and in your face, right? Your Spirit does the same thing.

What if you choose to learn how to talk with your Spirit, consciously communicate wit your Spirit so you can make every decision, the big ones and also the little ones, from a place of knowing which action is in your highest and best interest?

Do you think your life may flow easily in the direction of your dreams if you stopped guessing and got to move forward rather than one step forward and two back? You can by discovering your Spirit and how to communicate with it any time you desire.

And if you feel ready to take your first steps on your spiritual journey I invite you to explore the information and shared experiences available on Rev Ali Bierman’s updates page at .

Find Rev Ali’s gift for you, her ebook, How to Take Your First Steps on Your Spiritual Path in the sidebar on the right side of that page.

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7 thoughts on “Spirituality Leads you from Stuggle

  1. Hi Karla,

    What a beautiful post. I agree that spirituality leads us from Struggle. I also think it is true that often (if we choose to see it) Struggle can lead us too Spirituality and whilst I am not advocating that we look for struggles, we should look for that silvr lining whenever things don’t go to plan.

    I recently had one of those life altering experiences and WOW am I grateful that I did.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with your comments
    “Unfortunately most people have no clue those opportunities surround them constantly because we were never taught to look for them or how to listen for them let alone put them into action”

    And this begs the question, why arent we…even if the mainstream education system has no place for spirituality perhaps as parents and loved ones we should be making sure spirtuality and what it has to offer is part of everyday life for our children.

    Great Stuff, I loved it,
    Beth 🙂
    Beth Hewitt´s last blog post ..What has the Universe done for you today?

  2. Karla,
    Great post speaking from your soul. Most people are so busy surviving they shut out the voice of their spirituality and wonder why their lives are messed up. Once you can open up to the infinity and abundance of the Universe through your spirituality, you see that anything is possible.

    Religion overshadows spirituality and constricts the natural flow. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. If one person can gain some understanding, you have touched their soul!
    Val 🙂
    Val Wilcox´s last blog post ..Have You Started Your Bucket List?

  3. It is important to listen to your inner voice. As a Christian it is the still small voice (Psalm 46:10) of the Spirit. We all need to visit that place. Thanks Karla for posting a view of an extremely important topic.
    Nelson´s last blog post ..“The Prisoner Exchange”

  4. I took a course once that involved connecting with your Soul Values. If you could define what they were you could design a life that honored them which would bring you self happiness, abundance, etc. There was an exercise to think of all the people who upset you, “dumped” you, did you wrong, etc. Then you did it again but this time you listed all the people you hurt, made angry, “dumped” etc. It was powerful because it made you realize how connected we are – yet separate, and how important it is to recognize, celebrate, and honor our soul value – our spirituality. This experience connected me greatly to my inner self and I was humbled by it. Listening to your inner heart is so important. And when people, myself included,forget, or deny it .. that’s when things seem to go astray … very thoughtful article… thank you

  5. That little voice that speaks loud is not to be ignored it’s what guides us everyday. The problem is so many can’t hear it. Why? Because their life is so full of clutter that they can’t hear themselves think let alone hear their inner voice (spirit)talking to them. If people would shut out the noise (news, TV, bad music, ad books, negative people) their life would change!

  6. Karla,
    I loved what Rev Ali Bierman had to share about spirituality. I’ve just recently began to study spirituality and being fully conscious. I’ve learned a lot so far from Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra & Jon Kabat-Zinn and what you’ve shared here has been very helpful!
    Thank You!
    Dawn & Dave
    Dave and Dawn Cook´s last blog post ..There’s 8 Assets You Gain Thru Network Marketing – Here’s 1

  7. Karla,
    I enjoyed reading your post. i have been studying spirituality for many years, following Siddha Yoga for awhile and then others. But now, for a long time, I have stayed with one – The Infinite way. Every Sunday I go to a meditation group and we listen to an audiotape of the founder, speaking to a class. Every week I go into an incredibly deep state and I feel guided for the the rest of the week.

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