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  Royal Pains makes it’s much anticipated return after last season’s cliff hanger with the episode entitled Hank Watch. We open six months after last season’s ending with Hank on the way to getting a physical; admiring his recently regrown and perfectly quaffed hair (Making sure his scar doesn’t show) in the glass door of the still closed Hamptons Heritage. Some bad jokes (on Hanks end) and a examination  later he’s given the all clear.



Previously on Royal Pains

Cut to a flash back from 6 months earlier, Evan and Divya are standing over a unconscious Hank in the hospital. Evan is worried that Hank still has not woken up, Divea tells him to be patient Hank just had a craniotomy and needs time recover. Evan mentions the huge scar Hank now has, Divya ask Evan are you worried about the scar for Hank or yourself. Back in the present day Divya is giving all the Hanky’s (Hank Med’s temp doctors) the assignments for the day when in walks Paige (whose new hair is not cute despite what Divya say’s) back from her school.


Paige wants to know who all the new doctors are. Divya explains with Hank down and the hospital closed she had to hire new associates, but she assures Paige that they are only around in the morning. Paige says no worries because she and Evan are moving out. Evan carrying the luggage upstairs assures her they will look at places this afternoon. Paige tells Divya that she is so sorry to hear about Raffe, Divya explains that there relationship wouldn’t have made it anyway as they  where only compatible in the bedroom. Hank and Evan walk downstairs and Hank hugs Paige right before he gets a call from a patient. Hank all to eager to get back to work rushes out the door, while a panicked Evan tells Divya to initiate Hank watch. Divya stops Hank as he is about to get in his car, reminding him he still can’t drive alone. As they are about to get in her car a bunch of black Suv’s pull into the drive way and Demetri get’s out of one of them. Hank and Divya speculate over weather he had anything to do with Boris’s death with Hank vowing to find out.

Oh Evan the Great

Evan is driving while talking to Divya about making sure Hank doesn’t find out they’re checking up on him. Evan starts telling Divya that although the new schedule is packed they can handle it as long as patient’s don’t start falling out the sky. So naturally one does; as Evan is driving he see’s a woman fall off a ladder. Being the  gentleman he, he immediately stops to help her. Hank is examining the woman,while Evan is brown nosing. Telling Hank this woman Mrs. Ballard whose family started the Hamptons and the Stock market. Hank who doesn’t care about any of that causally tells this woman that her arm is turning blue and there is no pulse. Now I would have been all kinds of panicking at this point. Turning blue what? No pulse where? But Mrs. Ballard stayed perfectly calm even as Hank popped her arm back in place, which I’m sure hurt very much. Divya then walk’s in to tell them the machine is warmed up, While Hank tells Mrs. Ballard she need an x-ray. Mrs. Ballard impressed by Hank Med’s capabilities becomes their new client.

Hank and Divya head off to see another client Tom who called because his new wife Erica is making herself sick by working to hard on their charity fashion show to reopen the hospital. Hank and Divya discover that Erica used to be Tom’s nurse and Divya promptly gives her the side eye to which Erica say’s that reaction is common. Erica tells Hank and Divya she is fine and will rest after the runway show is finished. Hank tells her they respect her cause and will give her the time to work if and when her blood work comes back clean.

House Hunting

Evan and Paige are off looking at a house, Paige loves it but they discover it has already been rented. Paige tells Evan that it’s alright and they can go look at his second favorite when Evan say’s this house was his second favorite. Paige looks confused so Evan confesses that he has no more houses for her to look at and he doesn’t want to move out of shadow pond. Paige angrily tells Evan that they have barely seen each other with her being away at school and him being so busy with work and his brother, but they are married now and need to stop putting there life on hold. A defeated looking Evan heads off to lunch with Hank. While at lunch Evan asks Hank how he’s doing and Hank thanks Evan for keeping Hank Med running so smoothly. Evan is about to return the sentiment when Jeremiah walks up looking like a he’s auditioning for a part as a Yeti.

Evan thinks he is a homeless man asking for spare change but Hank notices it’s him and shakes his hand. As there about to sit down Evan awkwardly blurts out that Divya is not with them, Jeremiah retaliates but clumsily blurting out he has a girlfriend. Hank and Evan look surprised but interested but Jeremiah say’s he doesn’t care to discuss her. It’s obvious he just said that to divert attention away from the fact that he still is clearly in love with Divya. Hank and Evan discuss the new Jeremiah as they’re leaving when Hank asked Evan since when do they eat at a vegan food place, He say’s I had brain surgery not a heart attack. Evan stops him and say’s he’s the one who almost had a heart attack, he tells Hank how terrified he was while Hank was in his comma. Hank tells Evan I know you where scared I was there too.

Is Hank Okay?

Cut to flash back of Evan, Divya and Paige sitting by Hank’s beside in the hospital as he tosses and turn’s while saying Boris’ name. Hank wakes up looks at Evan and say’s what are you guy’s doing for your honeymoon? Evan exchanges worried looks with Divya and Paige when Hank suddenly has a seizure. Divya holds Hank down While Paige go’s to get help. Evan tries talking to Hank to comfort him but Divya say’s Evan just make sure he doesn’t fall off the bed, OK. Back to the present day Divya and Hank are back at shadow pond where Divya tells Hank she wants this summer to be all about work. As if she ever does anything else. when they walk into Evan chatting up Demetri. Divya leaves and Hank walks up to Evan to inquire what his talk with Demetri was about. Hank says you know I don’t trust him right. Even wonders what the issue is, he say’s Demetri reminds him of Boris and has been nothing but nice to the since Boris’ death. Evan tells Hank that Demetri is executor of Boris’ estate. Hank goes to confront Demetri over how exactly he came to be executor of the estate. When Demetri tells him Marissa asked for his help with clearing up Boris’ affairs. Hank say’s he’s going to call Marissa and Demetri say’s in the most laid back I don’t give a damn fashion please give her my regards.



Welcome Back Doc

Divya bumps into a still grizzly Adams looking Jeremiah. She tries to talk to him and still his ever awkward self blurts out that he has a girlfriend and abruptly ends the conversation leaving Divya confused. Erica is design studio ironing when she faints, kicks over the ironing board which catches on fire. Luckily Hank and Evan are waking up to her front door. Evan wonders what they are doing there since her blood work was fine, when Hank tells him he thinks she may be getting low grade pneumonia. They walk right in her house( seriously no knock, doorbell nothing) and find her passed out with her studio on fire around her. Evan tries and fails to put out the fire as Hank tries to revive Erica. Hank puts out the fire and does revive Erica while Evan goes to get the x ray machine from the car. Erica points out Hank’s scar (which makes him uncomfortable) and is amazed that he is back to work full time. Hank makes her promise to check in and leaves.


Paige is showing Evan the amazing new house she found while Evan makes stupid excuses for why they can’t move in, she gets angry until she realizes why he doesn’t want to live with her. He is worried about leaving Hank so soon after is accident, Duh! and they hug it out. Hank and Evan check in on Mrs. Ballard who is power waking Hank ask to check her arm when she protest and then weirdly accuses then of dumping medical waste illegally. Evan upset at losing a wealthy client fusses over Hank moving a stool when Hank say’s when you move out I can move whatever I want and you wont be able to stop me. Evan and Paige exchange nervous looks, when Divya comes in talking about how exhausting her day has been. She asks Evan to cover for her tomorrow night when Hank say’s Evan doesn’t cover for her, he does unless the mean babysit him. Hank frustratingly tell’s them all he doesn’t need a baby sitter and Evan and Paige don’t need to live with him, nor do they need all the Hanky’s around the office it’s just too chaotic.


Erica who was suppose to have checked in by now has you guessed it Not checked in and she is not answering her phone. A furious Hank goes to look for her with Evan and Divya trailing behind. They find her at the fashion show setup in respiratory distress. Hank gives her albuterol and oxygen and she sits up, when hank notices her necklace is turning green. She has hydrogen sulfide poisoning from a leak in her design studio. The gas turns copper green. Hence her necklace. Good new is she will be fine, Totally bad news she has to evacuate her home and cancel the fashion show. Sucks to be her! Erica is looking all sullen and disappointed when Evan saves the day with a new location for the fashion show, Shadow pond!

royal pains hank watch

The fashion show is a success, naturally. Evan finds Paige to tell her his great news he found a compromise to their house situation. They will move into the big house at shadow pond while Hank stay’s in the guest house. The perfect solution. They hug, and Paige gos to get a drink, Jeremiah walks up to Evan, Evan makes a remark about is awful beard not being Hank med policy but tells him he will make an exception. Jeremiah is to busy starring at Divya to even care. Evan gets his attention back by asking about his girlfriend who we find out is only his girlfriend online. Hank goes inside to get his jacket when he kneels over in pain  he lies down on the couch. Cut to a flash back of Hank three weeks after his surgery lying on the same couch when Divya walks in to give him is medication, Hank protest telling her he doesn’t need it. Divya tells him it’s his first day home try not to be a hero.

Who is this Demetri Really?

In the present day Divya get’s a phone call that sounds bad and she walks off . As Hank walks up and asks Jeremiah to prescribe him some pills.Jeremiah say’s sure how much do you need when Hank hesitates. which I’m sure the writer’s are going to turn into an addiction. Sometime later Hank goes to find Evan to tell him he did a great job with the fashion show. When Evan tells him it was all Demetri. Hank storms off. Now as if the brush off Demetri gave him earlier wasn’t proof enough that Demetri gives no damn’s. Hank confronts him a second time. He tell’s him he may have manipulated everyone else but Hank knows he is responsible for Boris’ death and he will not it it go. Demetri calmly tells him Boris was my friend and we are all trying to make sense out of this tragedy and walks off like a true gangsta.

Hormones raging

Mrs. Ballard walks up to Evan and hands him a letter, Evan thinking it’s a check for retainer is overjoyed until he reads it and it’s a cease and desist letter. She wants Hank med out of the neighborhood.Paige finds Divya and angrily tells her the insurance company denied there claim  because of Hank’s surgery after assuring her that would not happen. Paige say’s they’re not going to take this and calls the insurance company. Now not only does she call them at night in the middle of a party but someone actually picks up. What insurance company is this and whats there number? A sullen looking Divya yell’s for her to hang up the phone, she tells Paige it’s not Hank they denied it’s her…… She is pregnant.



So what do you think TV fans? What are your thought’s on the premiere episode? And what are your hopes for the season?

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