Kids Activities for a Rainy Day

While it’s nice to have the kids out and about, when it’s miserable outside they’re going to be limited to what they can do. Fortunately we’re here with some ideas to help, and so below we’ve come up with some great activities and ideas for those rainy days.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it will hopefully give you some ideas you can apply, or it will help you come up with some of your own ideas. If you have any great activities you’d like to share with us, it would be great if you can drop them in the comments.

Arts and Crafts

The typical rainy day activity, kids love arts and crafts and apart for the equipment, this activity doesn’t require much pre planning. Challenge the kids to make things and you can keep them occupied for a few hours. Have a look at these websites for some fun ideas and

Indoor activity zones

There’s bound to be one of these nearby, you can find them adjoining pubs up and down the country as well as a whole load of independent activity centres. There are quite a few benefits to indoor activity zones, the kids get plenty of exercise in a safe environment, while parents can  have a meal in the pub, or keep an eye on the kids in the cafes that are usually located in these kind of places.


While not a particularly active activity, bowling is great fun and is a suitable alternative for those whose kids have grown out of the indoor activity zones. Have a look around for local bowling centres, many of them will offer family tickets making the price a lot more reasonable.



While they may be considered by children as boring, there are a lot of museums that are actually geared towards kids and provide plenty of hands on activities and experiments. One of the benefits of going to a museum is that kids can be learning at the same time. Have a search online for your local museums or “think tanks”.


While this kind of defeats the object of getting your kids away from the TV, it’s still an option so it’s been put inJ. Possibly not the most beneficial thing your kids can be doing, every now and then it can be a treat for your kids to go and see the latest release.

Sports Centres

Your local leisure centre will no doubt have a whole range of activities perfect for rainy days. See if they have a timetable you can take away for future reference, or one may be available on their website. Even if they don’t have any activities on at the time, there are always courts for hire so you could get your kids trying something new. The swimming pools are generally open all week – getting wet is better indoors than out.

Hopefully there’s something there to take your fancy, or at least kick start your thoughts. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

This is a guest post by Leon from Hatton World in Warwickshire – UK. With plenty to do indoors and out, It’s a great<a href=””>day out in the midlands</a> for all the family.

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  1. Great list! I tried to take my kids to public swimming, but we got turned away – in Ontario there`s a rule that each adult can only have 2 kids with them under the age of 7 (one kid for each arm) and unfortunately I have 3 children – the baby is exclusively breastfed so leaving her with another caregiver is out of the question, and I can`t find anyone with only 1 child to come with us 🙁
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