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How To Better Defend Yourself & Stand Your Ground

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Unfortunately, conflict is a simple fact of life. It always has been. There are simply too many people and too many situations that can lead to conflict for us to avoid approaching or dismissing it at all turns. After all, even if you manage to do this, that doesn’t really make you a strong person, or someone who is able to respect themselves through and through. Often, it makes you a person other people are able to walk all over, and that’s rarely a good example to set for your kids.

But what’s the alternative? Flying off the handle at every little thing and bringing up problems when there was no need to in the first place? We would say that no, instead of that, learning how to better defend yourself and stand your ground is actually quite a self-empowering process. This is true even if it follows a difficult and worrying injury or problem as a result of being victimized, such as how many residents suffer dog bite victim cases each year.

How can you, as the head of a family, better defend yourself and stand your ground? Let’s consider that and more, below:

Understand Your Rights

Understand your rights. Many people in life believe they are defending themselves when really, they’re just asking for a fight at any cost. We often see this in the candid social media videos that circulate, most recently relating to people who refuse to wear a mask when entering a store. If you are going to complain, understand exactly why someone is interfering unjustly. It might be as simply as them invading your personal space, or keeping their television on way later than is acceptable.

Don’t Escalate Conflict

Don’t escalate conflict if you can help it. It doesn’t help. Stay as calm and professional about it as you can. The more you shout, the more you express your emotion yes, but the worse off you are. The more tired you feel, and the less you have a chance of using professional legal recourse. Instead, collect evidence. Contact legal counsel. Ensure that you are firm, strong, but never too hostile. This will make the other person, likely not as self-disciplined, make the wrong first move. And that only improves your chances. Of course, if conflict is found, sometimes the best thing you can do is simply remove yourself from the situation, pronto.

Stand Firm & Be Precise

Don’t apologize for standing firm. You need to be precise in your speech. Don’t sugarcoat, don’t pretend to laugh or inject humor in the situation if it doesn’t call for it, and don’t overtalk. Let the other person respond. Be very clear in your position. Keep watch over what points they present. Make sure that you don’t give an inch unless it is perfectly rational to do so. This way, you can come to a compromise, but it won’t be a compromise you come to at the expense of your wellbeing. Practicing that can be thoroughly important.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily defend yourself and stand your ground through and through. You deserve to.

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