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How to avoid distraction when working from home

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Destructions can be one of your biggest challenges when working from home because you may find a hard time staying on your task. Different distractions your home may offer may pull you away from your work and affect productivity. However, it can get fixed in different ways, and the tips below will help avoid some troublesome distractions during your working period.

Avoid working from your bedroom

Your bedroom may be the worst place to work from when at home. It may disrupt your sleep patterns as it can also interfere with the peace and privacy of your personal space. But if you decide to work from your bedroom, try devising the space with a book space or a barrier where you can not see your bed when at the table.

Create a schedule for your kids  

If you have kids who don’t go to school and need to be monitored, you can opt for caregiving solutions because working from home with kids who need your attention can be hard to manage. Opting for a child day care can allow you to work peacefully as the kids can also socialize and play with other kids of their age. Then, after finishing your work, you can take the kids back.

Take breaks 

You can schedule some breaks to help you avoid the temptations of prematurely walking away from your desk.  It’s up to you to choose the exact frequency and timing but make sure there’s balance in everything you do. Also, you can consider the things that work for your family as this can help you be productive.

Warm-up your brain

Before you start working, it’s okay to have a warm-up activity. The warm-up activities can be a fifteen-minute exercise and maybe having breakfast. It will make you feel motivated before starting your work as you will also avoid destruction.

Avoid watching TV and doing household chores during your work time

When working from home, the TV in the background can distract you, and it’s easy to be led astray by the house chores like the dirty dishes and the laundry.  You may get a hard time getting a head start during the weekdays because it can be tempting. If you switch areas, especially when working, it can kill your productivity.

Create a set office

Working from your couch can be challenging, and creating a set office can help you. You can choose a designated home office with a door that separates you from the outside distractions. You can use the home office space when working to help you feel like you are at the office. 

Prepare your meals ahead of time

Preparing meals at work can be a distraction you don’t intend to have. Figuring out what you want to eat may take time and making it, but when you prepare everything ahead of time, you will not lose much time when working. Also, make your family snacks early as this will avoid destruction.

Disable notifications

It’s essential to turn off notifications that may tamper with your attention, such as your cell phone. In this case, consider putting your phone on silent mode so that you can concentrate on your work first before doing other things.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these tips! I wish I had read this earlier. I have experience working from home, but I still prefer leaving my house for work when it’s possible. My office is not available these days, so I visit coffee shops or coworking spaces to do some work. Coworking spaces are probably my favorite option because I love the working atmosphere there, and there is nothing to distract me.

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