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Five Amazing Ways that Essential Oils can Improve our Skin

Heard of essential oils? If yes then there is no doubt you have an idea of how beneficial these botanical extracts are to humanity.  This is why they had multiple uses even before civilization. From being used for emotional comfort to improving the physical wellbeing, the possibilities of using essential oils in your life are endless. And now, if you’ve ever dreamt of having soft, flawless skin, you’ll be glad to know that these oils can help you achieve that too. Below are five surprising ways that essential oils can improve your skin.

They keep acne at bay

If you find yourself dealing with acne problems now and then, we have good news because you don’t have to spend all your cash on cosmetic treatments.. Nature offers you sweet smelling essential oils for this purpose. For instance, geranium helps in balancing oil production in the skin, thus preventing acne outbreaks. Other essential oils such as ylang-ylang extract also prevent outbreaks on acne prone skin and at the same time stimulate cell growth resulting in petal soft skin. Jojoba is also a great essential oil for acne prone skin as it tends to mimic the nature of our skin, thus it helps in regulating the amount of sebum produced preventing breakouts. Its ideal for all skin types because as mentioned it mimics your skin, therefore whether your skin under produces or overproduces sebum, jojoba will balance out the production leaving you with flawless skin. It is also an emollient hence keeps skin moisturized throughout.

Essential oils offer relief to skin irritation and promote faster healing

Do you have that bruise that has been sore to your eyes and it just doesn’t seem to go away? Or do you find yourself itchy now and then due to eczema? If yes,  then this is the time to put essential oils to good use. For instance, besides its many applications, lavender is offers relaxation to irritated skin and promotes healing of bruises and cuts. Use it to clean wounds, scrapes, and bruises for faster healing. Other essential oils that can serve the same purpose include juniper which speeds up the healing process and also prevents infection to the area. Tea tree and chamomile essential oils can also be used for the same purpose as it packs antibacterial and antifungal properties hence prevents infections on cuts, scrapes, and bruises while at the same time promoting healing.

Essential oils prevent aging

Collagen is a vital protein that is responsible for your skin’s elasticity and its youthful look. Unfortunately, as we age, collagen undergoes degradation resulting in wrinkles and other signs of aging. Additionally, collagen breakdown also causes one to lose the natural glow of the skin. However, thanks to essential oils you don’t have to result in expensive cosmetic treatments as they contain valuable anti-aging properties that help boost the production of this vital protein. For instance, besides its pleasant fragrance, rose essential oil contains compounds that help stimulate the production of collagen.

Grapeseed oil is also famed for its effectiveness in reducing wrinkles and boosting skin’s tightness which is why it is used as a base in most cosmetic products. Frankincense is also another essential oil that can be used for the same purpose as it helps restore the skin’s elasticity. Additionally, it boosts skin cell growth and aids in toning the skin. Other essential oils that contain collagen-boosting compounds include geranium, lemongrass, and sandalwood among many others.

They help flush out toxins and skin debris

Besides excess oil production, toxins and other skin debris also result in breakouts. However, applying oil extracts from lemongrass, tea tree and cypress helps flush out these toxins resulting in clear skin and also a natural glow. This is because the essential oils from such plants boast antiviral, antifungal and anti-bacterial properties. Some of these, such as lemongrass are also astringents.

They help in toning the skin

Even though clear skin is a win for many people, getting even skin is an even bigger win. Again, you don’t have to use expensive cosmetic products for toned skin as essential oils will do the magic. For instance, rose skin contains antimicrobial properties and is also a great antiseptic which helps promote even skin. Frankincense also helps in pigmentation, and you can also use it for toning your skin especially on problematic areas like inner thighs which tend to be darker than other parts of your body.  Lemongrass is also another skin toner which explains why it is a common ingredient in most moisturizers. For more information on these beneficial botanical extracts check to see what experts have written about essential oils at Veranda Interiors.

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