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Eight Tips to Get More Organized


Most of us don’t need to go out and spend money on even more bins, boxes and baskets to help us get organized. Those items can be rather expensive, and if you’re willing to take a fresh look at some common things you have around your home, you can increase your level of organization without spending a dime.

  1. You know those acrylic organizers that sometimes come with sets of cosmetic brushes and manicure sets, etc.? Most women have one or two of them stashed under the sink in the bathroom because they take up too much space on the bathroom counter, or they don’t match your other decorative accents. They can be put to very good use as a way to organize art supplies in your kids playroom or bedroom. Paint brushes, crayons, chalk – all of them can be kept neatly arranged and easily accessed.
  2. Fishing tackle boxes can be used to organize jewelry or various crafting supplies. This is a trick that art students and makeup artists have known about for years, so why not give it a try?
  3. Hangers with multiple horizontal bars that are meant for hanging pants can be used to organize scarves and shawls. Hanging them keeps them free of wrinkles and they can be easily hung in the closet which will free up some drawer space in your dresser.
  4. Those multi-tiered hanging baskets made of wire that are meant to store fruits and vegetables can be used in kids rooms. Hang them in a corner, or in the closet, and fill them with stuffed animals or socks and underwear.
  5. Contact the liquor store or grocery store and find out when they will have empty wine/liquor boxes. These boxes are compartmentalized and made from good, sturdy cardboard. Their design makes them absolutely perfect for storing holiday ornaments and decorations.
  6. If you store your suitcases empty, you’re missing a great storage opportunity! There are some items that really don’t need to be unpacked – travel hairdryer, adapters for electrical appliances, earplugs and other things of that nature.
  7. The little tins that mints come packaged in make adorable homemade sewing kits. Gather needles, buttons, thread etc. and store them away inside the tin. Keep one kit in your handbag and another in a desk drawer at work, or anywhere it might come in handy.
  8. The paper rolls that things such as plastic wrap and wax paper come on, are much stronger than empty paper towel rolls. That makes them much more durable and useful for organizing. One great way to put them to work is take the empty plastic grocery bags that you’ve been saving and stuff as many of them as you can fit into an empty roll. You now have a portable container to keep in the car or your gym bag, or anywhere else they might be useful.

Picking up new tips and tricks here and there is always fun. Put as many of these to use as possible and share the ideas with your friends.

Annelise Kramer contributes blog posts on behalf of AdvanceMe America’s leading working capital provider.

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  1. These are great ways to get organized. Virtually any decent-looking crate used for packaging can do. I have even used blisters from electronics (they’re pretty big). Thanks for sharing!

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