Boat Saftey For Families

Boating vacation can be adventurous and thrilling specially when accompanied by family members. Recreational boating with family is always a great way to spend vacations.  Summer vacation remains incomplete without a boating adventure.  It will only be full of fun and enjoyment if all of you are safe through out the whole trip. To enjoy maximum fun out of it, your family members must be aware of boating safety.

Whenever you are planning for a boating, explain all safety tips to your family members. No matter how much experience you have, there is no mistake in reviewing boating safety tips before departure.  Basic safety guidelines are here for you.

Check the boat

Inspect your boat for any damage.  You need to check all parts and accessories to make sure that all are in working conditions.

Follow weather forecast

Your boating experience will be more enjoyable in sunny weather. So always follow local weather forecast.  Don’t take chances with the weather.

Adequate number of life jackets

Every member must wear life jacket while boating.   To ensure safety for all every boat must have adequate number of life jackets.

Safety of children

Children are more vulnerable to boating accidents. They must wear life preserver through out the whole trip.

Sitting arrangements for your child

Make your child sit between adults especially on power boats.

Common sense

You must use your common sense while boating. Always go at a safe speed especially in crowded area.

Assistant skipper

Take an assistant skipper with you. In case primary navigator is injured, he can manage the situation.

Float plan

Develop a float plan before you set off.  You must be sure, to inform others about your float plan. It includes where you are going and for how long you are going.

Avoid alcohol

Boating and drinking don’t go hand in hand. Reports show that boating accidents took place due to alcoholic reactions.

Boat radio

You must familiarize yourself with boat radio and emergency reports. Every one in the boat must be able to make calls in case of any emergency.

Boating safety course

In order to be familiar with boating safety rules both beginners and experienced must undergo boating safety course. It is important to keep yourself prepared for every circumstance.

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