Battling Loneliness In Old Age

One of the biggest problems facing the elderly in this day and age is loneliness. As old people become frail, they don’t leave the house quite as often as they once did and they might start to feel isolated in their old home. Especially if they live on their own. Thankfully, there are some ways you can help any elderly friends or relatives fight their loneliness. Here are some handy tips that can help you do just that!



Help Them With Transport


Most elderly people don’t get out and about because of a lack of transport options. So, you might want to help your relative or friend by offering them lifts to anywhere they want to go. This can help them continue going to their favorite clubs, meetings, and also meet friends. You might also want to look into your local transportation system to see if there are any special elderly bus services that run to the hospital or to local community groups. Informing your relative of this could encourage them to get out more.


Sign Them Up To Elderly Companion Care


There are now some care agencies that send out some nurses so they can offer companion care to elderly individuals in the community. It’s a nice idea to sign up your friend or relative to these companion care services, and they can then receive regular visits from care workers. The workers will just be there to chat to your relative and ensure that they have a companion for a while, even if they don’t require any other explicit care.


Encourage Young Relatives To Visit


Sometimes young relatives can lose touch with their elderly relatives. Because of this, you might want to encourage them to drop into their grandparents or other elderly relatives from time to time so that they can catch up. Old people love to hear about everything their grandkids, grandnieces, and grandnephews get up to, and they will really appreciate spending time with them.


Use Technology


Thanks to new tech, it is now easier than ever to keep in touch with people. And seniors should certainly use this to their advantage. If they can’t leave the house, they can simply arrange a Skype call with their friends and relatives. There are also some other apps and software that make communication much easier, such as Whatsapp, Facetime, and Facebook. Not only will all of this modern tech help them stay in touch with their nearest and dearest, but it can also help them raise the alarm in an emergency.


Give Them A Sense Of Purpose


If your elderly relative or friend does live alone, you might want to help them find a new sense of purpose. For instance, you might like the idea of getting them a small pet to care for. Alternatively, introduce them to a new hobby that they can use to pass the time when there is no one visiting them.


Now that you know how to battle loneliness, you can really help seniors in your local neighborhood!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful content loaded with information. I would like to add some on this. Elderly companion care offers benefits for everyone involved. Not only do the elderly get the care they need and deserve, the caregiver gets share stories, communicate, and have their lives enriched by the time they spend with their companion.

  2. These are some great tips. Old age is, in fact, a bit lonely & makes people feel disconnected. Thanks for the article! Enjoyed the read.

  3. This article is so important for people all round the globe. The feelings of elders and our duties are addressed so well. Thank you for remiding

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