5 Ways Your Bedroom Reflects Who You Are

bedroomYour bedroom is one of the first areas in life where you really get the practice self-expression, and this can be an important part of growing up. Kids and teenagers love hanging posters, displaying awards and stuffed animals, and generally letting their bedroom surroundings reflect their life. But as you get older, how does this self-expression change? Imagine you were in the bedroom of someone you didn’t know. There would be plenty of clues to what this person was like – their taste, their decor, and their possessions all tell a story. How can you decorate your room to more accurately reflect who you are? It helps to know the main areas of your bedroom that give the most insight into your life.

Themes and Color Schemes

More specific themes are usually for children’s rooms or nurseries. An adult’s bedroom can have a general theme that’s a lot more subtle. Maybe your room is vintage, modern, or shabby chic. Maybe it’s got more of a romantic feel, or maybe you’re a minimalist. In any case, everything should fit together in a certain way. And this includes the color scheme in your room. Bright colors will suggest a fun and outgoing person, while dark colors suggest a creative, loner type. And some muted pastels might suggest a person somewhere in the middle.

The Use of Decor

The kind of furniture you have in your room and how much of it can say a lot about you, too. Someone with a canopy bed and a bench is much different than someone who relies on a metal frame, no headboard, and a sleek nightstand. Some decor reflects how much money you paid for it, especially if it’s in top condition, but other decor can reflect a unique taste and style, especially if it’s from a flea market or other unique venue. And how you use the space you have when it comes to decor is another important part of your bedroom.

Objects on Display

Just because you’re not in high school anymore doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t display your books and posters, if they fit in with your bedroom, and anything else of yours that reflects on your life or hobbies. A lot of people have special souvenirs from their travels that they keep on display, or family pictures or mementos. What you choose to show off can be just as important as how you choose to do it. Your bedroom can tell the story of your life.


This is one a lot of people take for granted. But how tidy you keep your room says a lot about your general habits in life. Do you let clutter pile up? Is there laundry all over your room? Do you dust and vacuum? Do you make the bed? If you’ve ever walked into an absolutely pristine bedroom, you knew right away what kind of person lived there. Either someone who cares a lot what people think or someone with a really good maid.


There’s a difference between a dirty room and somebody who simply has too much stuff. If your closets and drawers are overflowing with things, it makes you look disorganized and even scatterbrained – why do you have so much clutter? Some people’s bedrooms can make them look like hoarders, while other people look like the most Spartan of soldiers with barely any belongings at all.

When you want to decorate or redecorate your bedroom, it becomes important to know exactly what you want it to say about you. There are few places where you can enjoy an environment all your own and nowhere that is uniquely yours in the same way as your bedroom. You should approach painting, cleaning, and shopping for your room with your personal style in mind, so anybody who walks through your bedroom door will see the person you are as well as the person you want to be.

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