Summer is a time for relaxation, sunshine and fun. Everyone in America knows that a staple part of summer is Independence Day, aka the Fourth of July.  Most people plan their biggest shenanigans around this time of year; nothing says summer like an Independence Day celebration. We all know the mainstream facts of the fourth; flags, fireworks and a lot of food. But one of the most pressing questions is; where should you partake in these activities? So whether you’re a family man, party girl, or hopeless romantic we got you covered with some great ideas on places that fit into any category worthy of your Fourth of July celebration.

$= Low Budget (0-60) $$= Medium Budget (60-200) $$$= High Budget (200+)

Camping in New England Nature, $-$$$

Are you into nature or getting wild in the woods? If so the perfect idea for your Fourth of July celebration is to go camping. You can camp any way really; buy a tent, use a pop up or even just build a lean-to to sleep in. Either way camping can work on a low budget by just bringing some sleeping pads, lighter fluid, sparklers and hot dogs. But if you’ve got some money to blow and consider yourself the extravagant type there are a lot of great campgrounds around with plenty of things to do including kayaking, live music, fireworks and more. Camping’s great for leaving civilization for a while and just spending time with the people you want to see. The best part about camping is you can invite as many or as little people as you want. Bring the family, have fireworks and grill, bring your partner on a hike to romantically watch the sunset, or invite everyone you know (preferably set up camp in a field) and have a festival of a celebration! Here are some great New England trails and campgrounds that are perfect setting for your celebration!

Your Back Yard, $-$$

One of the most leisurely places to have a great time is in your back yard. Have a cookout, buy some fireworks, play some music and have a lot of fun. Invite over the neighbors and have a big bash to celebrate on your street. Don’t forget that one has a lot of room for activities in the back yard. Try having a pig roast, or bonfire, set up the volleyball net, horseshoes, or a dance floor. And of course don’t forget the Pool Party! Haven’t got a pool? Find out what kind of pool will fit into your back yard and budget, or just to see if your current pool is the best option for your back yard. After all nothing says summer celebration like partying in your own back yard.

Your Local Fire Work Show $

Another great way to have some fun on the fourth is to go to your local fireworks show. It’s beautiful, fun and usually free or very inexpensive. It’s always kid friendly and a great way to see what’s going on with the people in your community. Information about your local firework show can be found in many places, check out the news, look online or request an information packet from the town clerk’s office/ a community information booth. Usually posters are posted around the community advertising the event.

Go to the Beach $-$$

One never fail option for fun is to go to the beach, a great way to spend a sunny Fourth of July. Stay late and build a fire, cook some s’mores and hot dogs, it’s a perfect solution to any uneventful day. Boating is always a great idea to pass the time, tubing, waterskiing and wakeboarding always ensure a good time. Some lakes allow you to rent a kayak or canoe for the day.

Go see the Parade $

Every town has an annual July Fourth parade; it’s usually free, and lasts a good two hours. A great way to get some free candy for the kids and to get into the spirit of Independence Day!

So that’s just a few options, you can always search music festivals, and other public celebrations going on in your area to assist you in discovering the perfect place to spend your Fourth of July.




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  1. Rani says:

    Congratulations. How very exciting that is. You did great and I love the ctarfs you selected to share. So classy and elegant but so easy :)You go girl!–Mary Beth @

  2. soo…werde als helfe dort arbeiten und habe somit backstage passalso hoffe ich doch stephan auch so mal dort im backstage bereich zu sehen 😉

  3. Wahhh.. Sesejuk nama denaihati, sejuk lagi membaca di blog ini. Suka tat hias dia. Thks share dan gud luck.irsah recently posted..

  4. Que delicia de entrada!! Esta casa está llena de encanto; transmite serenidad, elegancia, buen gusto y armonía.La decoración navideña me parece exquisita…Gracias Cecilia,besos

  5. Hihii!Sun blogissa on sama teema (vai miksikäs Blogger näitä kutsuu, Templates??) kuin mikä minulla oli kun bloggailun aloitin joskus nuorena.. Ei siis muuta, tervetuloa blogittamisen ah! niin koukuttavaan maailmaan terv. nimim. Jo viides blogi pystyssä. 😀


  7. De bilderna kallar jag städat 🙂 kom hem till mig nÃ¥gon gÃ¥ng bara sÃ¥ där i förbifarten… dÃ¥ ska du fÃ¥ se pÃ¥ uppochner vända huset… 🙂 men jag tycker om det, det är kärlek och vi har ju himla kul hemma ocksÃ¥:)KramHElena

  8. Boah, ihr habt ja alle tolle Sachen gemacht! Halloween ist nicht so ganz mein Thema, aber ich habe es mal versucht:Hier ist meine Karte:Lg Anke

  9. Finding this post. It’s just a big piece of luck for me.

  10. http://www./ says:

    I have a friend that is a vegan and she is celebrating her birthday in a month or two. I need to find a recipe that does not contain any animal products so, no milk, eggs, etc. It would also be helpful if there was a recipe for frosting as well. If you have personally tried it then tell me how good they are because I want to make the best ones!

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