I love jewelry then again what woman doesn't right? What I am really into these days is the handmade jewelry that you can personalize or create yourself. To me these are more meaningful pieces plus they make great gifts!

Michelle over at Michelle Clintsman Designs allowed me to create a beautiful necklace to review. She offers some great necklaces with personal flair. Many come with a gem, charm, and a personalized charm, but again they are personalized for you. They really are lovely.

My Review

I chose to do a personalized charm with my sons initials on it.  With that I chose a green gem as that is close to his birthstone color. I let Michelle do the rest and she paired those two with a lovely gold ball charm. It really is the perfect necklace. It's very well crafted and doesn't feel like it will fall apart. You know some costume jewelry you can get for like $5 in a store will fall apart after you wear it once.

Grandparents day is coming up in September and I think this is one thing I am going to get my Mom from my son. I think she would love it. It would also make a great gift for a bride or daughter. I highly recommend checking out her shop. Make sure you tell her Bond With Karla sent you!

The Giveaway

Michelle is giving one of my lucky reader their very own personalized necklace to enjoy! Wow don't miss this. Ends 7/17. US Residents only. Good Luck **Please remember to do the required entry. If not, all other entries will be voided and I DO check the winners entires to see if they qualify. Many have missed out***


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    I would pick the Gold Key Personalized Charm Necklace !
    i would put my daughter's initial in it because she has the key to my heart <3 she is the reason why my heart is still pumping .

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    found it one giveaway scoop actually, and really love these products that you offer 🙂 luv to get one 🙂

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