There is nothing like coming home for a long day at work, kicking off the shoes and putting those tired little toes into a lovely pair of slippers. I was thrilled to get the chance to review a pair of Nature's Sleep memory foam slippers. Man were my little piggies in heaven.


Nature's Sleep is passionate about developing new innovations. Nature's Sleep designs products for comfortable, healthy, harmonious sleep. Our memory foam products cradle your body in perfect balance, providing gentle support and relief throughout the night. We offer products that use organic and hygienic materials that nourish your well-being, so you wake rejuvenated.

My Review

Oh boy were my feet ever so happy.  They soft fuzzy gems are just want my feet needed. I have horrible feet and by that I mean I have plantarfacitis. So my feet pretty much hurt 24/7 or at least get tired really easy. So at night I am often kicking off my socks and shoes to give my feet a rest. My problem is that with plantarfacitis I can't just walk around barefoot. That is like one of the worse things for it. So these babies were ideal for me.

My feet still got to breathe yet I had the support I needed when walking around the house. Nature's Sleep sleepers gave me the comfort I needed, kept my feet cool (I like the open toe ones for that reason), and I even snuck outside in them.

Christmas is coming up and who doesn't buy someone a pair of slippers? I know one person in my family gets a new pair each year. This year I am thinking it will be Nature's Sleep.

The Giveaway

Nature's Sleep is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a pair for themselves. US Residents only. Ends 9/11. Good luck.


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Karla Bond

As a full-time career oriented mother of one, I love to chat and write about topics that matter to me in my life. My day has to starts with a cup of joe and usually ends with exhaustion. I have a passion for cross stitching and of course spending time with the kiddo. I am always on the look out for topics to write about like recipes, healthy living, and products I find fascinating.
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