Out of all the DVD's I have tried in my life there is one that really stands out. It was an old Kathy Smith Areobox DVD.  Now you can't find it on DVD only VHS ( I said old). So the guys at Collage Video hooked me up with the next best thing, Kathy Smith Cardio Knockout which INCLUDES my 50 min Areobox workout.

About Collage Video

They are your number one source for all things exercising videos. They have a HUGE selection of anything you may love or want to try. They love customer feedback and you can check out the numerous reviews that are left by actual customers. No, they don't only have the good ones on there. That is another reason I love them.

My Review

I was so exctied to try Cardio Knockout. Not only do I have my Aeorbox workout but 2 other to kick my butt. Here is what you get:

  • 50 Min Areobox with Michael Olajide, to teach you all the kickboxing moves ( my favorite workout)
  • 120 min Kickboxing with Keith Cooke. It's martial arts and more
  • Tai Chi to helo reduce your stress. Easy to follow moves

I think by now I can do the areobox workout with my eyes cloesed. I just love it and I don't know why. Even if I get winded doing the moves I still and bouncing up and down like a champ. Now I tried, really I did, to do the kickboxing. I won't like, it is a bitch! I haven't been able to get through the whole workout yet. With my knees it's hard to get it up there and it the kicks right. It will for sure give you a great workout.

The Tai Chi is becoming one of my favorites. It's very relaxing and easy to do.  This would be a great 15 min workout in the morning to get your day off right.

The Giveaway

Collage Video is giving one lucky reader the chance to expierence this for themselves. US Residents only. Ends 8/28. *Please make sure you acutally do the mandatory entry. I will check and if the winner choosen didn't do it, another will be selected*

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