While I may hate to cook, I sure do like a nice clean kitchen. Normally hubby cooks and I try to clean up so he doesn't have to do everything. I was excited to partner with affresh Cleaners to review some of their products in the kitchen.

About affresh

affresh (yes it is in lower case in case your wondering) offers top of the line cleaners for your appliances. They are part of the Whirpool family and recommend by top appliance companies. From laundry washer to countertops, they bring great quality products to your kitchen.

Looking for cleaning tips? Check out their site for awesome tips for the bathroom, laundry, and kitchen.

My Review

affresh offers 6 different products but 2 are for stainless steel appliances which I have none of. So I told them not to send those to me and waste their product but I am sure they are just as good and the other 4 I tired.

affresh Dishwasher Cleaner: Is my dishwasher the only one that sells nasty? Probably not but I was excited to try this product to see if I could rid my dishwasher of this smell. I am happy to report that it did. Such an easy process too. Just put a tablet in the dispenser and start it off. Simple!

affresh Kitchen and Appliance Cleaner: I love citrus smelling products. Makes my kitchen feel (af)fresh! HA Okay maybe I only got that little funny.. Anyway.. This product is really great at getting all those nasty stains off the fridge and dishwasher. You know the ones the kids put on there or things that have spilled off the countertop down the front of the dishwasher. Okay so maybe we are a bit of a messy family. This products cuts through all that mess and leaves a nice shine and citrus smell.

affresh Cooktop Cleaner: Okay the more I think here the more I know we are a messy family. Hubby does the cooking but man when he makes pasta he sure makes a mess. I think because he gets the sauce bubbling and it spatters all over the stovetop. It's always a pain too. The cooktop cleaner really cut through all of that with not a lot of work either. This comes with scrapping pads that takes that greasy food right off leaving it to sparkle when your done.

aafresh Washer Cleaner: I really should stop confessing things because you are getting the wrong impression of me I think. Okay so I might leave some laundry in the washer a few days longer that I should. Making me not only wash the load again but leaving a not so nice smell in the washer. So the affresh washer tablets are great.  Just once a month place a table in the washer and start it off. Now if you have a really smelly washer you will need to run it 3 times in a row using one tablet each time. Thankfully that wasn't me. After each cycle just wipe away and crud that maybe present. So simple and easy you can make this part of your monthly maintenance routine.

I am 100% sure that their stainless steel products would be just as awesome. You can find affresh products at your local Home Depot or online with Amazon but why wait! They are going to give one luck reader a sample of their awesome products.

The Giveaway

affresh will send one lucky reader one of each of their products. I do ask if you win and don't have stainless steel items, please let me know so they don't send the product. US Residents only, ends 11/8/12. Good luck

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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