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5 Habits of Successful People That Are Worth Practicing


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Contrary to popular belief, not every successful person was ‘born with it;’ others were made, due to their experiences and attitude. Being successful involves many things, including your daily habits. Research shows that only 8% of people are able to achieve their goals. What do they do differently, and how can you also accomplish the targets you set for yourself? Here are some effective habits worth considering.  

Organization skills

Successful people are organized and don’t leave anything to chance. They plan ahead of their day by setting realistic goals that they hope to achieve. One thing they also do is to prioritize their activities, to enable them to give each one the attention it needs during the day. Additionally, they keep their environments clean and neatly arranged to focus well on the tasks at hand. 

You can develop your organizational skills first by planning your schedule the night before. You can also learn how to set goals for yourself. For example, what do you hope to achieve before the day ends? Asking yourself such questions will help you know the approach to adopt towards making your goals a reality. Having practical deadlines makes this easy for you as well. The more you practice this, the more it becomes a habit, gradually leading you to success. 


Successful people are also dedicated to whatever they set their minds to, making commitments and going all out to honor them. They know what they want, have a vision, and work tirelessly towards it. Commitment can take a while, but you can achieve it too. This starts with little steps concerning major aspects of your life such as your job, your relationships, your life plans, and others. Dee Agarwal advises that you identify your goal and stick to it by strengthening your resolve irrespective of the circumstances around you. Failure should not deter you but rather push you to beat the odds and come out victorious. 


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People who read a lot have a higher success rate than people who don’t, which is why successful people make this a habit. They understand that reading opens the mind up and stimulates it to bring out innovative ideas. It also gives you a broader view of life and increases your store of knowledge. 

You can start developing your reading habit slowly but steadily, which requires consistency and a genuine desire to learn. You don’t have to finish one book in a day; you can read a chapter daily. Also, you have to understand that you’re reading to gain knowledge, so make notes, highlight strong points and identify how you can apply them to your life. Make it a point to read books that don’t add value to you, so go for books that focus on life skills, financial stability, self-improvement, entrepreneurship, and other success-based books. 

A conscious effort to take some time off

Being successful requires a lot of hard work and determination but having the ability to stay composed even in the toughest situations is also crucial. This is why you need to make the conscious effort to take some time and breathe, even if it’s through simple activities such as stretching, meditation, etc. To avoid complete burnout, especially in a highly demanding schedule, it’s important to take things one step at a time. 

Taking the time to unwind after a day’s work and giving your mind space to breathe also plays a major role in how successful you are. Being relaxed is a habit that you can gradually build. Give yourself the time to relax and take a break from your busy schedule. You can stand in the shower for a while or relax on your bed while listening to soothing music. You can choose any mode of relaxation, as long as it refreshes you. This enables you to think rationally even in the face of problems and situations that seem to be out of your control. 


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Building a network is one habit that people need to be successful. Networking is simply the act of meeting with people to interact and share ideas with them. Building a network of people who share the same vision as you is a great step towards success. It’s advisable to avoid hanging out with people who add little or no value to your life; stick with those with positive attitudes and learn from them. 

Successful people don’t make it overnight by mere wishful thinking. They develop habits that position them for success and leave nothing to chance. Developing the habits mentioned above will set you on your path to success. 

Did You Know Teeth Grinding Is a Problem? Here’s How to Overcome It?


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If you grind your teeth during the day or at night, you are risking your dental health. You may find it natural to clench the teeth occasionally, but if you do it more often, it can lead to significant damage.

You may not know that you grind your teeth since it happens when you are asleep. However, if you have consistent cases of a sore jaw or tmj headaches, you may be suffering from teeth grinding.

Can you overcome teeth grinding?

Here are simple tips to help you overcome teeth grinding?

Use a Mouth Guard at Night

When you grind your teeth consistently, your enamel will wear out, making the teeth increasingly susceptible to cavities. If this problem occurs while asleep, it is recommendable to wear a nighttime mouth guard to keep the teeth effectively protected.

The next time you visit your local dentist, ask them to design a mouth guard for you. Customized guards are comfy so that they won’t affect your sleeping pattern at all.

Start Exercising

One of the significant causes of teeth grinding is stress. If you are stressed, the tension will manifest in your teeth grinding.

Exercising regularly is considered a great way to overcome stress. Adding several sweat sessions to your daily activities will help you release the tension that causes your teeth to grind.

Massage the Jaws

Any time you get faced with a stressful situation, your jaws are likely to clench up. If you consistently experience this, consider massaging your jaw muscles. Rub the jaws to release any tension that might have accumulated during the day.

You can also overcome teeth grinding by avoiding life stressors as much as possible. Learning to look and feel better even when you are not can help you avoid stress the entire day. This way, you won’t have to worry about teeth grinding at night.

Maintain a Relaxed Mood Before Bedtime

If you go to bed with a lot of tension, the chances are high that you will experience teeth grinding. Before you go to bed, ensure that you unwind all the pressure within your jaws.

Some of the common ways of doing this include having a warm bath before going to sleep, patting your jaws with a warm towel, or drinking non-carbonated or herbal tea to keep your mouth warm.

Don’t Chew Just Everything

If you chomp on chewing gum throughout the day, you are a candidate for teeth grinding. Avoid repetitive jaw motions that clench the jaws. Additionally, if you are a fan of chewy foods such as taffy, popcorn, and steak, it is high time you started avoiding them.

Start eating foods that don’t require much chewing, especially at night. This way, you will not strain the jaw muscles to the extent of experiencing teeth grinding.  

If you are a fan of chewy foods, or you don’t exercise despite engaging in stressful daily tasks, the chances are high you will suffer from teeth grinding. While teeth grinding can have adverse impacts on your dental health, you can avoid it by changing your everyday activities.

Be cautious of the foods you eat; start exercising, avoid tension during bedtime, use a mouth guard, and always massage the jaw muscles before sleeping.

11 Ways To Feel Better When You’re Not 100%



If you’re having an ‘off’ day, you might be wondering how you can snap out of your funk. Sometimes, trying to ‘snap out of it’ is futile. You can’t always control what’s going on inside of you, and sometimes, it’s better to go with the flow and do what you think your body needs, rather than trying to go against it. ‘Snap out of it’ is a fairly toxic thing that people say when they think they are trying to help, but mental health is far more complex than that.  

Take A Mental Health Day

If you can, consider taking a mental health day. Weigh up the plants you had and figure out whether you are able to cancel or move them, or simply ask for a day off work. Many business owners are now becoming more savvy in terms of mental health, and understand when their employees need a day off. Taking a mental health day can be a great way to give yourself a day of rest and care. 

Have A Chat With A Friend 

Sometimes, speaking with a friend is all we need to do to feel better in no time at all. See if you can give your friend a call or a facetime and catch up with them about various goings on. You don’t need to spend time talking about why you don’t feel 100% – you don’t even need to mention it if you don’t want to. Simply talking to your friend can have a big impact on your mood and help you to feel better regardless. 

Try To Smile

Smiling is likely the last thing you feel like doing right now, but you should stand in the mirror and give it a go. Smiling has a big impact on our mindset, so when we force ourselves to smile we can actually end up feeling happier. While you’re doing that, see if you can find things to be grateful for. Listing the things you’re grateful for each day can help you to change your mindset over time and really appreciate the life you’re living. 

 Have Some ‘You’ Time

Take some ‘You’ time whenever you can. Read a book, or simply do something nice for yourself. This could be ordering your favorite take out, watching a film you like, or putting on a nice outfit just because you want to feel good. You can do anything! Don’t judge yourself. 

Get A Little Exercise 

See if you can get a little exercise. Just 10 minutes can help to lift your spirits and get those endorphins pumping. Even a short walk outside can have a huge difference on your mood and outlook. You might be wondering when do seasonal allergies end if this is the reason for feeling down. Take this into account and see if you have any medicine before taking yourself outside. 

Take A Tech Detox 

We can get so bogged down by tech that it can be difficult to live in the real world. Could you take a tech detox? See how little you can use your phone each day, and try to spend minimal amounts of time on the computer and watching TV. Try to live in the real world, and enjoy things like reading books, doing puzzles, spending time with people, and caring for yourself. Tech detoxes can be tough, but they can have a big, positive impact on us over time. We can feel closer to nature and the people around us! 

Eat A Balanced Meal

See if you can make yourself a balanced meal full of vitamins and nutrients. Eat some fruits and vegetables, either with the meal or as a snack. Aim to fill your body full of nourishing, delicious foods. The foods we eat can have a bigger impact on how we feel than most of us realise. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and herbal tea, too! 

Write In A Journal 

Writing in a journal isn’t just an activity for teenage girls. It’s actually a great way to get your feelings out on paper, take an objective view of what’s going on, and notice patterns in your behaviour. However, you may not learn anything right away. You may need to write in your journal for a while before you can look back and spot patterns in your behaviour or your thinking. There are many ways to journal, so there’s always going to be a way that suits you: bullet journaling, stream of consciousness journaling, and so on. 

Put On An Uplifting Playlist 

Uplifting music can make us feel good in no time, so put on your favorite playlist. We often listen to music while we do other things – we rarely just listen to music to listen to it anymore. See if you can put some time aside to listen to an old favorite that you know will help you to feel better. Bonus points if you can use a record player and record for that nostalgic feel. 

Let It All Out 

You don’t need to hold it together. Crying can be extremely healthy, so if you feel like it, then do it! Letting out your tears can be a great stress release, and can also help you to process your emotions and work through them. Holding it in does nothing to benefit us, so make sure you find a private place to cry if you know certain people in your life won’t be understanding. 

Do Something Nice For Someone Else 

You might be surprised to learn that doing something nice for someone else can actually make us happier than doing something nice for ourselves! What can you do for another person today? Perhaps you could give some money to a homeless person, pay it forward with a cup of coffee, or give a stranger a compliment. It doesn’t need to cost money to be a good person who tries to make other people feel good. 

Hopefully, you can use the advice here to start feeling better – thanks for reading. 

Four Tips To Help With Heartburn


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What causes heartburn? Acid reflux is what causes heartburn to occur in your chest. It travels up your throat from your stomach and can often cause a burning feeling in the chest area. There are various ways that can help you deal with heartburn, whether it’s something you get frequently or on the odd occasion. Here are four tips to help with heartburn.

Keep Your Clothing Loose

Heartburn can often occur when the contents of what’s in your stomach rise up to where your esophagus is. This is where stomach acids can then burn the tissue, causing you to have that painful sensation. On occasion, the reason for this could be that you’re wearing tight or restrictive clothing that’s compressing your stomach and causing this reaction. 

If you find that your heartburn happens more when wearing tight clothing, then make some changes to your wardrobe where possible. Loosen your belt if you normally have it quite tightly wrapped around your stomach. Think about your dresses, tops, or shirts that might be a little too tight and therefore making things feel uncomfortable. 

By doing this, you’ll hopefully reduce the chances of getting heartburn.

Take Heartburn Medication

Heartburn medication is a great relief when you’re in the midst of a heartburn or you can feel one coming. There are numerous medications, tablets, and liquid forms to help with heartburn and they can provide relief for those occasions where you do tend to frequently get it. 

The sensation can be something that can hinder your plans, whether you’re out for a meal or meeting up with friends for drinks. Having medication available can really help to relieve that pain.

Correct Your Posture

Posture can affect the frequency of heartburn. Try standing up and standing up straighter if you can feel the heartburn coming. It’s likely to help prevent that stomach acid from rising up into the throat. Otherwise, if you’re lying down or even sitting, it’s likely to contribute to the heartburn occurring.

Try Apple Cider Vinegar

It sounds odd but apple cider vinegar is a typical home remedy that some people recommend to treat heartburn. It’s worth trying some diluted apple cider vinegar after a meal, as this is usually when heartburn is likely to occur. Sipping on it slowly can help to potentially neutralize the stomach acid. However, this isn’t something that’s necessarily going to work for everyone and again, it’s only a home remedy.

However, if you’re looking to try it out, then you can apple cider vinegar from most grocery stores. It’s not a particularly nice taste but it could help you.

Heartburn isn’t something that’s enjoyable to experience and for those who get it often, it can be hindering for their daily life. It’s worth giving any of the above tips a go if you’re someone who has it regularly or knows someone who suffers from heartburn. The sooner you can treat it, the sooner you’re able to get on with your day without having to deal with it.

Low on Cash? No Worries! Here is How To Eat Healthily On a Budget


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Healthy eating, along with hydration, can help reduce your fat mass. Besides, eating healthy food can help you maintain a fit body and boost your immunity to prevent getting a chronic illness such as cancer or diabetes. You should incorporate the right amount of nutrients in your meals, balancing out everything. For instance, you should ensure you take the right amount of calories, vitamins, and proteins, to mention a few.

Research shows that most people eat more calories than they need, which always results in weight gain. Such people tend to exercise, but since they are not eating right, it becomes hard to achieve any results.

The secret to a fit body is eating a balanced meal, exercising, hydrating, getting enough sleep, and using casein protein to repair muscles at night. However, it can be challenging for a person to afford healthy meals. But, there is no need to worry. If you are low on cash and want to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle, here’s how to go about it.

Have a Kitchen Garden

There is no better way to utilize your backyard than planting a garden. You can grow a variety of vegetables according to the season. For instance, you can plant cucumbers, kales, carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins, and many others.

Such vegetables come in handy when you don’t have enough money to take a quick trip to the store and want to continue eating healthily. If you haven’t invested your time planting a kitchen garden, it’s high time you did that.

Cook Large Amounts of Meals

Another great way to eat healthy food while running low on cash is ensuring you cook large amounts of meals. Cooking many healthy meals can also save you time spent cooking small portions of meals. You can preheat the food providing you with another two to three meals.

Avoid Eating Out and Cook at Home

Having meals from restaurants can sometimes dig deep into your pocket, especially if you live on a budget. It is always best to avoid eating out as food from restaurants can be damn expensive.

When you cook at home, you can eat more healthily than a person who eats out or orders meals. Ensure that you set money aside for grocery shopping and make it a habit to always prep your meals at home.

Be Alert on Store Discounts

It is also good to take advantage of store discounts when they happen. Food discounts can help you save money and buy more healthy food to sustain you for an extended period.

To ensure you are aware of store discounts, it would be best to follow your favorite store on various social media platforms since they announce deals on their pages. While shopping, you can also ask a staff member when they have store discounts.

Why Not Buy in Bulk

While shopping, it is advisable to buy groceries in bulk. However, you should ensure that what you buy, you can cook it before it goes bad. Bulk buying can mean having more food for a couple of extra days when running low on cash.

These are a few great ways to eat healthy foods when you are on a budget or running low on cash. Using the above tips can guarantee you of sustaining a healthy eating lifestyle.

You Can Improve Your Eyesight At Home


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You’ve probably come across a few articles that promote eye yoga exercises to help you regain your eyesight. There is some level of truth in those. There are no less than 7 muscles in your eye, which are responsible for a variety of motions of the eyeball and the eyelid. Exercising them is unlikely to solve eyesight issues, but it can help relax your eyes and reduce straining risks. 

However, if you’re struggling with astigmatism or myopia, for instance, eye yoga isn’t going to fix your problem. In some instances, you need trained medical assistance to operate or receive the right correction. 

So, how can you improve your eyesight at home when you’re not a qualified optician? Many other external factors can lead to blurry vision, difficulties focussing, loss of eyesight. Some external factors can be regulated in the comfort of your home. Here are some of the most commonly misunderstood eyesight problems that don’t require medical assistance at all! 

High stress

Stress may be invisible, but it can affect your whole body. Some people develop stress-related rashes, for instance. But stress can also affect your vision. Stress raises the levels of adrenaline in the body, which increases pressure on your eyes. Under pressure, your vision can become blurry because your eyes can’t adjust to your environment anymore. How can you tell that stress is affecting your eyes? You need to pay attention to the telltale signs. When your eyes are affected, they can exhibit signs of discomfort to light and motions. It’s not uncommon to experience eye stitching, which in combination with discomfort, blurry vision, and even tiny spots that swim across the vision are likely to be linked to high adrenaline and high blood pressure. Individuals who are prone to chronic stress can benefit greatly from stress management options, whether you opt for yoga or cannabis drops from your local CBD stores. Helping your body relax during periods of high stress will significantly release pressure on your eyes.  

My contact lenses feel blurry

If you wear contact lenses, you know that you should keep your fingers clean when you put them on and remove them. But some contact lenses are designed to be worn for an extended period of time. If you wear contacts for a long time, your eyes will try to keep themselves moist and clean by producing what looks like mucus. It’s the unpleasant discharge you find at the corner of your eye in the morning or throughout the day. Excess mucus could be a sign of irritation or disease. But they can be also triggered by the prolonged wear of contact lenses. When this happens, some of the mucus can stick to the lens, causing your vision to go blurry. Take your contacts off, clean them and give your eyes a little break!

Eat your eyes healthy

Does food help regain your vision? Well, not exactly. Eating carrots will not fix eyesight problems. But eating food that protects your eyes can help reduce signs of strain and fatigue. It can also preserve eye health for longer, fighting irritation, inflammation, and infections more effectively. 

Hopefully, some of these tips can help you tackle some commonly forgotten issues. Your eyes are sensitive to many factors. Therefore, you need to go above and beyond to protect them through your diet and your routine. 

Watch Out For These Bad Habits During Coronavirus


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Thanks to the global pandemic, we’ve all had our regular lives disrupted. Whether you can’t work at all, have had to start working from home, or are just missing your social life, it’s natural to feel strange. Unfortunately, some of these changes have led to some bad habits creeping in, that aren’t good for your physical or mental health. To look after yourself, watch out for these bad habits.  

Drinking Too Much

Lots of people are drinking more than before, whether they’re just bored sitting at home, or as a coping mechanism. A few extra drinks here and there is understandable and not always anything to worry about, but if you find yourself drinking to excess on a regular basis, this is an issue. Alcohol can negatively impact both your physical and mental health. 

Try to limit your drinking, and drink alcohol free-alternatives instead, at least some of the time. If you find yourself turning to something harder than alcohol to cope, seek help from outpatient drug treatment centers

Over Eating

Comfort eating or snacking out of boredom?. You’re not alone. Whether you’re ordering more takeaways because you can’t face cooking every night or you’re eating more unhealthy snacks to cheer yourself up on tough days, this is a problem. Overeating can cause weight gain and other problems with your health and isn’t going to fuel your body properly. Instead, try to swap the junk food for healthier options, and try to limit the number of takeaways you order, and cook at home instead. 

Social Media

Social media is an easy distraction from the world right now, so if you’re bored at home, it’s likely you’re spending more time than ever scrolling through social media. We already know that heavy use of mobile devices isn’t ideal for our mental health, but that’s especially true at the moment. Constantly reading headlines about the pandemic can make you feel more stressed and anxious. Seeing people disregarding guidelines on your feeds can make you feel angry and resentful. 

If you feel anxious or angry, put your phone down and do something else instead, like reading, exercise, or a game. 

Not Exercising

If your local gym, pool, or class has had to close, it might be harder to find the motivation to exercise. As you spend more time not exercising, your energy levels will dip, making it even harder to find the motivation to work out. 

Exercise is excellent for mental health, so if you can, try to find an alternative to your usual workout routine if you’ve had to give it up. There are lots of fitness trainers and gyms that have pivoted to offer classes or personal training sessions virtually. You could try some of these or some of the many fitness videos available for free on YouTube. You can find everything from Pilates to Zumba online. Start running and take your exercise outdoors. Go for long walks around your neighborhood. Find something that helps you to keep active. 

Top Tips To Look After Yourself This Year


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Looking after yourself is one of those really important things that we all know we need to do but always forget to do or just don’t make time for it. We are so busy with work and trying to succeed in our careers, look after our homes, keep up with housework, maintain a social life and relationship, and look after our kids. As well as everything else. So we often put ourselves last on the priority list but by making time for ourselves and our health we can then perform better in all other areas of our lives.

Eat Better Food

One of the best ways to look after yourself is to feed yourself nutrients and goodness that will contribute towards good health, giving you energy and keeping you feel fuller in the day so you don’t snack and have sugar crashes. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change, just start introducing more and more better foods into your diet, swap mash potatoes one night for mashed carrots, and swede. Simple things like that will help you eat better and look after your body.

Get Moving

Another way to look after your body is to get up off the sofa and get moving, it doesn’t have to be hours at the gym just not sitting still. Even if you start by going for a brisk walk each day, you will elevate your heart rate, get that blood pumping and start to introduce positive practices into your routine. You don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t want to, on YouTube these days there are thousands of different types of exercise videos, like yoga, dance, and pilates. Have a browse and try something new, you might find that you love it! If you do want to go to the next level you can try something like the anthem silver sneakers plan. 

Mental Health Matters Too

Another element of health that is quite often forgotten about is our mental health, by neglecting this we risk ourselves to burnouts, anxiety, and all other sorts of things. Taking time to check-in and practice self-care will help your happiness, health, and how you deal with situations that arise. Bad and stressful things will happen, unfortunately, it isn’t something we can avoid, but it is how we deal with them that can make a difference in how things end up and how we feel. Try things like being grateful and noting things you are grateful for that day, you can also practice mindfulness and meditation and make sure you are sleeping enough. There is so much you can do to look after your mental health and it is all so personal, so work out what works for you and if you need to make an appointment with yourself so you do it and don’t keep putting it off. 

These simple tips can help this year be one of the happiest and healthiest yet. Knowing the importance to look out for ourselves is the first step.

Health And Career Advice For Men Wanting To Be Models


Modeling is a career that tends to dominate the news, the internet, and alike. From reports on fashion shows, to advice for making it in the industry, to interviews with the hottest stars; it is a field of work that generates a lot of interest and attention – even from those who are not directly involved in it. 

However, if truth be told, male models are a little bit hard done by. Men’s fashion shows have only just started to be reported on in greater depth. Nevertheless, there is an evident lack of advice and guidance available on the internet for those who wish to make it as a male model. This is especially when you compare it with the advice available for female models. But don’t worry; as that is where this blog post comes into play. Read on to discover the top five professional tips for male models in the industry today.

  • You need to have a versatile portfolio – Your portfolio is your most important thing. It is your resume. You need to show that you can handle anything that is thrown at you and the only way to do this is through a collection of versatile shots. You have to have two headshots; one with a smile. You also need to have two full body shots as well – one taken from the front and one profile. Aside from this, the rest is up to you. However, remember to show your range and only include something if it is of the highest standard.
  • Find the right agency – You need to find an agency who has a good record for matching their clients to successful opportunities. However, you also have to find an agency that represents you well in the sense that their main goals are your main goals. 
  • Having the right attitude – It is not just about having the looks, you have to have the right attitude as well. Your personality is what will make you stand out from the crowd. Stay true to yourself and you will flourish. However, there are some key attributes all top models need to have. You have got to be patient; you aren’t going to hear a ‘yes’ every single time. You also need to have self-confidence; if you don’t believe in yourself then why should anyone else? 
  • Physical preparation – When you land your first job you need to do all of the preparation to ensure you look your best. You will need your eight hours of sleep. Bags or dark circles under the eyes are a massive no! Make sure you are clean from head to foot. Plenty of water the day before your shoot is also highly recommended. You may also want to consider HGH as you get older. 
  • What makes you different? – You have to set yourself apart if you really want to make it in the competitive world of modeling today. Is it your signature pose? Is it your attitude? Is it a particular facial feature? Is it the look you have got going on? If it is a physical feature then you don’t really have to do the hard work, but if it’s not then it is a skill you will need to acquire. 

3 Simple Ways To Alleviate Covid Anxiety


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In the current climate of lockdowns, global pandemics and rising infections, the world is a strange place. The surreal dystopian vision that we are now living through can heighten our anxieties. It’s only normal to worry about the health of your elderly parents, the contacts that your kids have at school, and your ability to remain sane while staying at home to save lives. Covid-19 induced anxiety can be challenging for families and individuals across the world. If you are eager to alleviate your mental anguish, you need to concentrate on the present rather than worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. Take a look at these three simple ways to alleviate Covid anxiety.

Follow The Rules

While some of us don’t like the thought of our civil liberties diminishing, there is actually a comfort to be found in the newfound structure that is emerging into your life. You don’t have a choice but to stay at home, wash your hands, wear a face covering in essential shops, and remain socially distant. If you are ever tempted to break these rules, don’t. There’s a reason why you should be covering your face in the grocery store and this is to protect others as well as yourself. By following the rules and thinking of the positive collective impact the whole community is having, you can feel less anxious. 

Stay Safe

If you do have to venture out and about, to get food or to pick up medication, ensure that you stay safe. Look after yourself by being prepared. This means masking up and taking advantage of a top quality hand sanitizer like Zylast. This will ensure that you can kill all viruses on your hands including the novel coronavirus. At the same time, you need to consider the sort of face covering you will wear. Purchase a decent quality mask that has a triple filter system ensuring that virus particles are prevented from being breathed in. Keep your distance from others. Staying two meters apart can dramatically reduce your risk of contracting coronavirus. These rules are so simple but by following them, you can feel safer, thus reducing your anxiety.

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Do Something New

If you are stuck indoors, it can be all too easy to be bombarded with Covid stats day in, day out. You need to break free from this information and do something else with your time. Rolling news and social media can be anxious places to spend your time. Think about trying to see the advantages of being at home more. Take the chance to learn a musical instrument, dust off your recipe books and bake more, or consider signing up for an introductory Japanese lesson. Finding a new hobby can be exciting and relaxing. Finding this balance can really alleviate your anxieties and make you feel more positive about the current situation. 

If you are struggling during this pandemic because the light at the end of the tunnel looks so far away, don’t give up hope. Try out some of these strategies to help you be more positive, happy and content during these surreal days.