Over the years, there have been many fears, and scaremongering stories about how Bluetooth could negatively impact your health. Just like there were mobile phones in the early days. We all worried about the effects of radiation, and the other ill effects that mobiles phones could cause, and the growing use of Bluetooth to link our devices has sparked similar concerns. But, they are usually unfounded. We worry about things that are new, or that we don’t understand, it’s only natural.

But, have you ever considered all of the ways that Bluetooth could improve your health? Modern devices and technology aren’t just for entertainment or convenience. Many of them can also be used to improve your health and fitness, to monitor your wellbeing and to improve your quality of life. Let’s take a look at some of the Bluetooth devices that could drastically improve your health and wellbeing, without hurting you.

Activity trackers


Fitbits and other activity tracker and smartwatches have become exceptionally popular over the last few years. There’s an element of trend involved, they’ve become cool, and no one wants to be left out. But, they have many other benefits apart from looking cool on your wrist.

An activity tracker links to your smartphone via Bluetooth and gives you a way to monitor your movements, how long you are active for each day, how many calories you burn and how much moderate exercise you perform. You can use this information to make improvements, or just to stay healthy and maintain your current weight and fitness levels.


If you are trying to lose weight to improve your health and fitness, your quality of life and your risks of serious illness, smart scales can be a useful addition to your home. They link up to your smartphone, and your activity tracker if you’ve got one to give all much more information about your body.

Smart scales won’t just tell you how much you weigh. They’ll let you know how much of that weight is fat, and how much is muscle. They can tell you how much of your fat is visceral, or the fat around your middle, which can be dangerous, and how much is stored in other areas. They can also give you information on how much water your body is made up of and your bone mass. All of this information can give you a much clearer picture of your overall health than you get from a weight or a BMI calculation.

Hearing Aids

Big, bulky and unreliable hearing aids are very much a thing of the past. Bluetooth hearing aids, which you can choose from Miracle-Ear’s advanced hearing device collections give you the option to link your aid to your phone, TV, tablet or other Bluetooth devices, letting you listen clearly and directly whenever you want.

Food Thermometers

A smart food thermometer can give you a more accurate idea of how well your food is cooked, which in the case of chicken and other poultry can prevent food poisoning. In other cases, it can ensure that you’ve got a perfectly grilled steak or a well-risen cake.

Probe your food with the thermometer, and program a connected app to let you know when it’s done.

Health Monitoring

If you struggle with your blood pressure, your heart rate, your blood sugar levels or anything else that affects your health, you would once have found yourself making frequent trips to your doctor for monitoring to keep you healthy. Nowadays, you can use portable Bluetooth devices to monitor your levels and rates whenever you want from the comfort of your own home. This can give you much more control over your health and allow you to live a normal life.

Teeth Whitening


Believe it or not, you can even get apps to whiten or eve straighten your teeth. You’ll apply a small device over your teeth, like a retainer, and use an app to control it. These devices can be expensive, but so can more traditional dental treatments, and you might find a Bluetooth device much more convenient as you won’t need regular appointments.

A Smart Fork

A smart fork might sound a bit daft, but it can be helpful. It’s a fork that links to your phone and monitors your eating habits. It will tell you how fast you eat, how long each mouthful takes, and how long it takes you to eat a full meal. This can help you to eat more slowly, which gives your brain a greater chance to realize that you are full, and lets you make the decision to stop eating before you overeat.

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