Tutoring Can Boost Academic Success

Tutoring ServicesOne of the most important components of a student’s academic success is self-confidence. If a student is struggling, this confidence can be destroyed. If you feel you should wait until your child is having academic problems, you’re waiting too long. The fact is, there are three circumstances that call for a tutor. The time to find a tutor for your child is now.

If a student is having a difficult time with school work, a tutor can save the day. Children should not be permitted to fall so far behind that school becomes hateful. Too many children are allowed to struggle and fail. School becomes the enemy. It is a lose-lose situation. Ironically, preventative use of a tutor can bolster a child’s real self-esteem and turn a potentially failing student into a highly successful student. Starting with a tutor at the beginning of a child’s academic career can establish a life-long love of learning.

When a student is having acceptable academic success but not achieving excellence, a tutor can make a big difference and turn a decent student into a star student. Teachers don’t always have the time and resources to work with the average students. They know the challenges faced by students having trouble understanding the material, so they often overlook the children who get decent grades.
Nowhere is it more true that the squeaky wheel gets the attention. At a time when accountability is getting so much attention, failing students get the focus. No one is upset by reasonably successful students. No one asks if they could have done better. However, if it is your child, you have to ask yourself that question. Is your child doing the best he or she can? A tutor can make the answer, “Yes!”

Finally, an excellent student can move ahead without the stress of having to do it alone. Too many gifted children are left to their own devices. If they can’t keep up with the honors classes, they end up failing and being returned to the mainstream classes.
This can pose many problems. These children are highly intelligent, but they may need a little help getting ahead. Why let a gifted child fall by the wayside? Tutoring can help these students work ahead and take full advantage of their intellectual gifts. The right tutor can help these students learn how to reach inside themselves to find academic success.

Regardless of why you have decided to use the services of a tutor, it is important to have the tutor and your child’s teacher communicate with each other. Teachers know your child and can give critical information to the tutor. This can make a big difference.

If it is difficult to afford a tutor, many tutors offer sessions for more than one student. A tutor should have no trouble working with two or three children at a time depending on the child and the subject. It is worth investigating. This kind of arrangement is especially useful for moderately successful and advanced students. Students who are having academic issues might need one-on-one tutoring until that student has caught up with the rest of the class.

Tutors may be expensive, but it is far more expensive to allow a child to go through school without learning every possible skill and experiencing all educational opportunities. Excellent grades and real comprehension pave the way for a brighter future. The time to invest in your children is now, while you still have the chance.

Author Amanda Lee is a career counselor and content contributor for home tuition Singapore, a program emphasizing the importance of teaching English and Chinese to young children for increased international opportunities.

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