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Free Cross Stitch Pattern- Umbrella




This is a very simple pattern. Change up the colors to whatever you want.  I went for a spring color theme.  If you have something that you would like made into a cross stitch pattern, please contact me and I will see what I can do for you.



Grid Size:               55W x 50H

Design Area:         3.36″ x 2.86″  (47 x 40 stitches)

Legend: Stitches

?    DMC Cotton 445    lemon – lt
8    DMC Cotton 211    lavender – lt
4    DMC Cotton 152    shell pink – md lt
b    DMC Cotton 422    hazel nut brown – lt

Free Fourth of July Cross Stitch Pattern


Cross stitching is a real passion of mine. I started cross stitching when I was in junior high school. I quite for a long time but in the past 6 months I have picked it up again. I have joined some Facebook groups that swap little stitches with each other.

So I have wanted PC Stitch for sometime now. It's a stich program where you can make your own charts. I finally decided to buy it. So here is my first pattern to share with you.  A red, while and blue 4 in honor of Fourth of July. Enjoy!

Color Chart:

DMC 304

DMC 310

DMC 796