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Egypt Small group tour


Egypt Small Group Tour- space is limited

8 NIGHTS accommodation

16 MEALS- 8 breakfasts. 4 cruise lunches. 4 cruise dinners.

Awaken your inner explorer on this expedition through the lush river valleys and golden desert landscapes of Egypt. Cruise the Nile past the pharaonic temples of Luxor to the Nubian treasures of Aswan. Your voyage will also take you to the mystical Pyramids of Giza, Tomb of the Nobles and the Sphinx.

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Top Self Care Tips for Women


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Self-care is not primarily defined by the routines you see on Facebook and youtube. It encompasses more of that. It’s more about prioritizing your time to focus on people and things that you care about.

With the hassles of everyday life, you need to learn how to take care of yourself. It might be a bit hard for you to stray away from your busy schedule and give yourself an hour or two of relaxation where you get to nurture your mind, body, and soul; however, the benefits of self-care will not only reflect on you but also on those around you.

One of the benefits of self-care is building resilience and developing coping skills to stress or any emotional trauma.

Here’s a look at a few tips to help you embrace self-care and significantly improve your wellbeing:



Take some time off and allow yourself to meditate for a few mins every day. Meditation helps you gain a new perspective on any stressful situation, increases self-awareness, improves your creativity and imagination, and heightens your levels of patience and tolerance.

Meditation will help you achieve a calm mind to brace on forthcoming tasks.

You are What You Eat

Practice consuming healthy meals that will improve your nutrition and help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition does not necessarily mean dieting or staying away from junk; it means providing your body with the essential nutrients it requires every day to stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Getting the services of a nutritionist or a wellness trainer such as Kristen Blake Wellness will help you keep track of what you eat, what is necessary, and what is not.

Practice Kindness in Yourself

A great way of being kind to yourself is by recognizing and honoring your feelings. More often than not, you may be subjecting yourself to hard situations due to a slight mistake or a harsh comment from your boss or partner.

Learning to appreciate and acknowledge your true worth is very much essential in building a healthy life.

Physical Exercises

As you are taking care of your mental health, it is also essential for you to take care of your physical health. A daily exercise routine will help your body regulate your hormone levels to reduce those that cause stress and increase those that improve your moods.

Being aware of what is happening in your body increases your self-appreciation level, which acts as a daily mode of motivation.

Create a Positive Surrounding

Declutter yourself from any harmful object or situation that ends up draining you mentally and physically. This might be in the form of a one-sided relationship or a messy car or home.

Finding time to reorganize a clutter existing in your life will help you prioritize and restructure for the improvement of your mental health.

Amidst a storm, it is crucial for you to find your balance that will lead to a healthy lifestyle. Try out the above tips today for a chance to transform your life. Self-care will help you break away from stress and achieve maximum productivity.

Sandals Grande Antigua


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Voted the “World’s Most Romantic Resort” year after year, adults-only Sandals Grande Antigua is located on Antigua’s best and most famous beach, Dickenson Bay. Explore the Caribbean Beachfront Village, a charming seaside garden oasis graced by meandering pathways, majestic palms and cooling Trade winds. Then step into a realm of chic sophistication where European grandeur unfolds from the hillside to villas-by-the-sea at the Six-Star, all-suite Mediterranean Oceanview Village. Come relax on silky-soft, pure white sands and let the warmth of the Caribbean fill your senses. Create your own lover’s legend as you share the most romantic holiday of a lifetime. Two perfect worlds. One grand resort in Antigua. All included.

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Key Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Health and Wellness


Health and wellness are undoubtedly essential to living a fulfilling life, making it vital to be healthy. Sadly, many Americans struggle with this, with data indicating that less than 3% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle. Thankfully, lifestyle choices often dominate your genes when it comes to your health, so you can always modify your habits to improve wellness. If you want to know more about what you can change to enjoy significant health benefits, please consider these points.

Try a plant-based diet

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Dieticians often stress on the many health benefits of cutting back on meat and taking in more greens, so adopting a plant-based diet can be a refreshing change that will improve your overall health. Mediterranean and vegetarian diets are great and popular diet plans that you can follow to eat healthier. You can also adopt general principles like going for more greens, adding whole grains to breakfast, choosing good fats, having fruits for dessert, and reducing meat portions. Macrobiotics is another excellent plant-based diet plan worth following, so consider taking courses from experts like SHI Macrobiotics to create lasting health through lifestyle and diet practices.

Reduce your alcohol intake

The World Health Organization reckons that alcohol is responsible for more than 5.1% of the global disease and injury burden. Indeed, it has many adverse health effects, especially if consumed in excess. Drinking too much is linked to stroke, high blood pressure, digestive problems, various cancer types, and liver disease. Therefore, drinking moderately and occasionally can help you avoid several health problems, lose weight, and improve your body composition.

Quit smoking

Many health experts agree that smoking is one bad habit that you should ditch permanently to enjoy excellent health and wellness benefits. Smoking is detrimental to your health and can cause diseases like chronic bronchitis, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lung cancer. Studies estimate that lifetime smokers have ten years less life expectancy than non-smokers, so ditching tobacco and nicotine is a great way to boost your longevity prospects. Additionally, quitting smoking enhances your quality of life and reduces your risks of suffering several adverse health outcomes. Your financial, mental, and reproductive health also receive a significant boost when you give up smoking, which improves your well-being.

Walk more often

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More physical activity is also effective in making you healthier, so you should prioritize being active for the best results. Signing up for a gym class or playing sports over the weekend may be too demanding to keep up within your bid to stay active. Therefore, walking is an inexpensive and easy way to exercise that you should consider. You can go for a power walk instead of taking your coffee break. Also, take stairs instead of elevators and walk to destinations that are minutes away instead of driving there. Walking improves your cardiac health, fitness level, and mood while also alleviating fatigue and depression, so it’s a practical way to introduce more physical activity into your sedentary routine.

Staying Fit And Healthy In The Spring



It is so important for us to overhaul our diet and lifestyle when we reach the spring. So many of us use the winter months to eat and drink whatever we want and this can be damaging to our health. When the warmer months come around it is time to make a change and get rid of that extra timber, getting our bodies feeling fit and lean for the summer. 

Today we want to share just a few of the health tips you can try this spring to make your body feel happier and healthier. There are so many simple ways to change your health and fitness for the better this spring and we want to share some ideas with you today. 

Feed your gut probiotics 

Before you make huge changes to your diet it is important for you to consider your gut health. The first step in a healthy diet is to ensure you can digest food effectively – and this is where probiotics come in. If you don’t want to find out what is gastro, it is so important for you to consider taking probiotics every day. These healthy bacteria will help to digest your food and this will prevent you from bloating or suffering from stomach cramps. 

Exercise first thing 

It is so important to get into a routine you can keep up with when it comes to exercise. After a long winter of hibernating at home it is hard to get back in the flow of things. This is why working out as soon as you wake up could be beneficial. By working out before you have properly woken up for the day; you’ll have no time to come up with excuses. You’ll also wake yourself up with adrenaline and other hormones that will set you up for a healthy and energised day. Make sure to workout every morning for at least 15 minutes if not longer and it will soon change your life for the better and allow you to get lean and strong. 

Get some fresh air 

Since the pandemic started last year, a lot of us have stayed in the house and have been stuck in the same four walls. As a result, many of us have become deficient in one of the most essential vitamins – Vitamin D. This vitamin plays an important part in your muscles and joints as well as the strength of your bones. If you don’t have enough in your system you’ll be tired, achy, and prone to migraines. By getting outside as the weather starts to brighten up this spring you’ll feed your body the vitamin D it needs and you’ll soon be back to your energised self once more. 

Practice self care 

It is so important to practice self care if you want to stay healthy and fit. This includes pampering your skin with a face mask, massaging oil into your hair, and generally looking after yourself each day. Remember that self care is as much part of a healthy lifestyle as diet and exercise. 

3 Simple Ways To Alleviate Covid Anxiety


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In the current climate of lockdowns, global pandemics and rising infections, the world is a strange place. The surreal dystopian vision that we are now living through can heighten our anxieties. It’s only normal to worry about the health of your elderly parents, the contacts that your kids have at school, and your ability to remain sane while staying at home to save lives. Covid-19 induced anxiety can be challenging for families and individuals across the world. If you are eager to alleviate your mental anguish, you need to concentrate on the present rather than worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. Take a look at these three simple ways to alleviate Covid anxiety.

Follow The Rules

While some of us don’t like the thought of our civil liberties diminishing, there is actually a comfort to be found in the newfound structure that is emerging into your life. You don’t have a choice but to stay at home, wash your hands, wear a face covering in essential shops, and remain socially distant. If you are ever tempted to break these rules, don’t. There’s a reason why you should be covering your face in the grocery store and this is to protect others as well as yourself. By following the rules and thinking of the positive collective impact the whole community is having, you can feel less anxious. 

Stay Safe

If you do have to venture out and about, to get food or to pick up medication, ensure that you stay safe. Look after yourself by being prepared. This means masking up and taking advantage of a top quality hand sanitizer like Zylast. This will ensure that you can kill all viruses on your hands including the novel coronavirus. At the same time, you need to consider the sort of face covering you will wear. Purchase a decent quality mask that has a triple filter system ensuring that virus particles are prevented from being breathed in. Keep your distance from others. Staying two meters apart can dramatically reduce your risk of contracting coronavirus. These rules are so simple but by following them, you can feel safer, thus reducing your anxiety.

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Do Something New

If you are stuck indoors, it can be all too easy to be bombarded with Covid stats day in, day out. You need to break free from this information and do something else with your time. Rolling news and social media can be anxious places to spend your time. Think about trying to see the advantages of being at home more. Take the chance to learn a musical instrument, dust off your recipe books and bake more, or consider signing up for an introductory Japanese lesson. Finding a new hobby can be exciting and relaxing. Finding this balance can really alleviate your anxieties and make you feel more positive about the current situation. 

If you are struggling during this pandemic because the light at the end of the tunnel looks so far away, don’t give up hope. Try out some of these strategies to help you be more positive, happy and content during these surreal days.