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Calling All Cloth Diaper Mommies- Lil’ Helper Flash Sale


For the next 3 days Lil' Helper has an awesome deal for you. My good friend Alaina over at Dinker & Giggles loves these diapers so trust me, this is a deal you will want to take.

When: August 9th-August 12 @ midnight

What: purchase any combination of our Original Cloth Diaper or Organic Bamboo Diaper and for every two in your shopping cart we’ll send you a Organic Charcoal Bamboo Diaper free

Save: That is a $25 savings to you! Plus if you buy during the sale, some diapers can be as low as $13.30.

I am for sure going to mention this sale to my reviewer Stephanie. She is Bond With Karla's cloth diaper Mommy!

National Green Week {Review + Giveaway}


All Natural Teeth CleanerIt’s National Green Week and I am teaming up with Alaina Frederick over at Dinker & Giggles for a fantastic giveaway opportunity.  She is throwing in one cloth diaper cover and insert/doubler. Tropical Traditions is sponsoring my giveaway prize with a bottle of all natural teeth cleaner.

Tropical Traditions is well known for their all natural products. From household cleaners to ground beef they have a wide variety of products. Their teeth cleaner is good for any age in your house. It’s made from their popular organic Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil as the main ingredient. This 100% natural cleaner for your teeth contains no fluoride and no foaming agents such as SLS. I was blessed to receive all three flavors, classic, mint, and cinnamon for review.

My Thoughts

Cooper is four so getting him to brush is teeth is hard. Heck even for me sometimes life gets me so busy and tired I forget. I for one LOVE the cinnamon. Anything cinnamon I will really love. Hubby and Cooper really like the mint. Cooper however would rather suck it off the brush then actually bush his teeth but it’s a start right? The classic is as it have a touch of clove, spearmint and cinnamon.  This is just another great way of making our home greener in 2012.

The Giveaway

One lucky reader will get their choice of teeth cleaner flavor from Tropical Traditions. As part of my teaming up with Dinker & Giggles, you will also receive one Imse Vimse Diaper Pants Soft Small (Diaper Cover) and one Green Acre Designs One Size Hemp/Organic Cotton (Diaper insert/doubler). If you, like me, and need more information about these diapers, head over to Dinker & Giggles for her review.

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Eco-Friendly Baby Items Every Parent Should Consider


In this day and age, many people are interested in learning new ways to help save the environment and decrease their carbon footprint. Some of the biggest sources of pollution coming from homes are the use of diapers, plastic and other resources associated with children. Luckily, there are plenty of changes you can make to help be eco-friendly, while still giving your children the best attention. Taking the time to consider the different green alternatives to products used as a parent will help you make a difference in the environment. Surprisingly, many of these transitions can also help you save money in the long run compared to traditional products.

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Cloth Diaper Foundation



The Cloth Diaper Foundation is hosting a Green Mama Benefit Auction.  The Cloth Diaper Foundation gives needy families cloth diapers and assists them with building their own cloth diaper stashes. They helped over 450 babies last year alone! So in honor of Earth Day, April 22nd, they are having a auction to raise money to keep support a lifestyle they are passionate about.

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