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Never Have Frayed Shoestrings Again- Hickies Review

Yes, I am that person. That person that hates to untie and retie their shoes all the time. I am that person that slips them on and off and ruins the back of my shoes all the time. Annoying to some but easy for us Moms on the go.

Hickies makes it even easier. Say goodbye to frayed shoestrings and hello to these babies.



Look at those? What a great invention.  They were super easy to put in. Simply thread them through the holes and connect the ends together. Than’s it!


The nice part about these is that you don’t have to have one in every hole of your shoe. They stretch to your foot so with 4 or 5 in there they will feel like your foot is tightly in laces. I tried them out at the gym on the treadmill and had no issues. I did have a couple issues with them coming undone while wearing the shoes but they were easy to put pack together while still wearing the shoe.

I have since ordered a few more, someone’s dog had gotten into mine (not go proof), and I can’t wait to try these with my son’s shoes. Right now he has velcro shoes so we will have to go shopping to try these out. These also make great gifts for the lazy people in your like, like myself!


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