Make Your Next Family Photo The Best One Yet: 4 Things to Consider


We show them our pictures to friends and relatives; we put them on our Christmas card; we treasure them for lifetimes as mementos of our family life. Unfortunately, every parent knows how hard it is to get a great family photo. Even when you’ve got everyone in the same place at the same time, getting a good picture of active kids can be a headache. So here are a few tips to help you make the most of your next opportunity for a great family photo.


Consider whether you’d like your next family portrait to be formally posed or more spontaneous and informal. Formal portraits are typically what relatives are thinking of when they ask for a family picture, but informal ones can be both easier to get (especially for families with young children) and more reflective of your actual lifestyle. There’s no right or wrong answer here; it’s more about what suits your personality and tastes.


Setting is another matter of preference. Many people opt to have it done in their own home to keep a natural feel to the whole process. If the idea of permanently memorializing your current living situation stress you out, though, the photographer’s studio or an attractive local landmark are also great ideas. For outdoor pictures, there’s a wide range of settings available from formal gardens to forests to cornfields.


First, be sure to take setting into consideration. T-shirts just won’t look right with an elegant backdrop, while gowns will be out of place in a cornfield. Pictures will generally look best if the clothing is coordinated but not precisely matching. Personalities should be taken into consideration, too. Some girls may be more enthusiastic in a particularly pretty dress. Something like you’d see on or other online retailers that carry clothing for children. If you have a tomboy, maybe you should consider allowing her to wear pants if you don’t want them fidgeting through the whole thing. For boys, suits and vests look nice, but jeans may be a more practical choice if you’re okay with an informal look.


While most photo shoots will include the standard seated group picture, there are a lot more options. Consider having some action shots taken of the kids playing together or with Mom or Dad; these more spontaneous shots will capture facial expressions that you just can’t get in a more posed picture. Also think about having a few taken of just the parents for a more intimate feel. If you can think of any really special toys or family treasures, you might want to include those, too. It’ll be a treat one day to be reminded of your important day-to-day items.


Getting a good family portrait can certainly be a lot of work, but a little planning goes a long way. Use these four things to consider as a springboard toward getting your best family photo ever.

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