Hershey’s Simple Pleasures Chocolates Review

I am not a really huge chocolate eater, but you know how it goes. When you are trying to lose weight you always want what you shouldn't have. Here is where Hershey comes into play.

Hershey’s Simple Pleasures chocolates have 30 percent less fat than the average leading milk chocolates. That is HUGE for use dieters.  It's empowering when your on a weight loss journey and have the chance to eat what you want without the guilt. That is sweet independence.

Thanks to The Motherhood and Hershey I was able to try their new Simple Pleasures chocolates.

My Review

My son was on cloud 9. Anytime there is chocolate around his ears perk up and his eyes get huge.Inside my well insulated package there three flavors of Hershey's Simple Pleasures.

  • Milk Chocolate with Vanilla Créme
  • Milk Chocolate with Chocolate Créme
  • Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Créme

I am super glad there was three packages. I loved the Vanilla Créme and the Milk Chocolate. My husband is a dark chocolate lover so those were all him. They are so smooth and creamy. I love sucking on them and then the créme in the middle just busts out. My son loved both the dark and milk chocolate. Which if you are keeping count, that means the vanilla is ALL mine!  For 180 calories I can enjoy 6 of these chocolates. That is a lot of chocolate.

This is why I love these chocolates. Less calories and I feel I am getting a ton. I also feel good giving my son one or two chocolates and not feel like a bad Mom.  I can see these being my new Halloween and Easter chocolates.

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