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Angry Birds Star Wars Telepod Review


Angry BirdsCooper is in love with Angry Birds. So much so we just got 2 PJ sets with them on it.  He can play it all day long and he is better than I am and he is only 6! So when I had the chance to review Angry Bird Star Wars Telepod I had to grab it up.

This is another great game by HABRO and of course would make an excellent Christmas gift.  Now keep in mine, with this game the characters you get in the game can be teleported into the game but you must have an Android or ipad device in order of this to work. Cooper normally plays his game on his Kindle so we were a bit disappointed it didn’t work on that but Daddy’s android tablet came to the rescue.

About the Game

The Angry Birds app comes to life! This line of Hasbro toys captures all the launching and destroying fun of the app in physical form and features your favorite Star Wars characters re-imagined as high-flying Angry Birds and villainous pigs! You can stack, launch and destroy the Death Star with the blocks, figures and launcher in the Death Star Trench Run set. Put your Luke Skywalker Bird figure in the X-Wing Starfighter launcher and pull it back on the ramp to launch it at the cannon turret on the blocks. Can you topple your exclusive TIE Fighter Pilot Pig figure? It’s easy to take the game to your mobile device (sold separately) and unlock your figures in the app! Just download the app and then put the Telepods base and any of your figures on your device. Once you’ve scanned your figures into the app, you can unlock those characters! Destroy the Empire with the Death Star Trench Run Set!

My Review

Well needless to say that Cooper loved this. He thought it was so cool how what was in front of him appeared in the game. We do wish there was a way these could be played on his Kindle because Daddy didn’t like the idea of Cooper playing with his tablet. Regardless, Cooper was excited to play something new. In this game there was no sling shot but a really cool X-wing fighter that can knock down the blocks. This set also came with 2 Angry Birds that with the code at the bottom of the bird teleports in to the game app.  Which will fascinate any child with a “how did they do that look”.

If you have a young child you need to buy a gift for, and they can use it with an android or ipad app, then this is the game to get them. Hours of fun are to be had.

Sparkle Box Review and Giveaway


sparkleboxReady is so important to us. Cooper loves hearing about new stories and adventures. Tonight he just said he wished he has a scary book. Well  buddy not sure I am ready for you to have them. With the holiday upon us, Christmas books will be making it’s way to the reading list at night. I was thrilled to get the chance to review the new book Sparkle Box by Jill Hardie.

About the Author:

Author Jill Hardie, her husband, and their two children began the tradition of placing a Sparkle Box for Jesus under their Christmas tree approximately seven years ago. The first time they opened His gift, the commercialism of the season melted away and they experienced profound peace and happiness. It’s Jill’s hope that The Sparkle Box book will ignite a new Christmas tradition that helps center Christmas in the true joy of the season.

My review

Wow… what a great and beautiful book.  The illustrations are lovely and you actually get the cute little Sparkle Box.  The book is so special and shares a great message- how one gift can change everything.
It’s a story of a little boy named Sam who is so excited about Christmas coming and the chance to open this beautiful little “sparkle box” that sits on his family’s mantle. Sam’s parents give to others in a special way,  but that just points out that others around us are often in great need.  Same starts to open his eyes and heart a bit wider and begins to help those in need.
It’s hard not to cry by the end of book because the meaning of giving for Jesus just warms your heart. I highly recommend rushing out and get this book to ready this holiday season.
The Giveaway:
One luck reader will get the chance to win this lucky book. US residents only. Ends 12/8/13. Good Luck

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Peppa Pig Bedtime & Bathtime Review


photo 4(1)Bedtime is such an ordeal with us. Cooper doesn’t like to go to bed so we fight about it almost every night. We try to get a routine down of bath, snack, books, teeth, and then bed.  While Cooper is 6 and out growing some of his things, he still loves Peppa Pig. He can relate Peppa with his British family.

Bedtime Peppa

The Bedtime Peppa Pig is too cute. Her little cheeks light up a bright red and when you press her tummy, she will talk to you. She  sings lullaby songs, oinks and even plays a counting sheep game. Even though Cooper is a bit “big” for this, he still love hearing her sing.

Bathtime Peppa

The Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa Pig toys are great. Cooper couldn’t wait to try them. Peppa is full of dirt on her, so when you put her in warm water, the dirt disappears. The bathtub has a little hole in the bottom, for easy bathwater draining and it also has suction cups on the side of it to put on the bathtub wall for easy playing. Even George is in this bathtime collection.

Read Peppa

Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School book is really cute. Follow the adventures of Peppa in school as she learns her numbers, letters and more! Cooper is in kindergarten and enjoyed the book because he could relate to it so well. It’s very well illustrated too.
I would highly recommend adding Peppa Pig products to your kids Christmas list!

These products were supplied to me free of charge. My opinions are my own and of honest integrity.

VTech Innotab 3 Educational Toy Review and Giveaway


educational toys
VTech product, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by VTech
My son started kindergarten this year so now we are limiting his video games during the week, which of course he hates. So trying to find something that he finds fun and I find educational is exactly what I found in the Vtech Innotab 3. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to review this awesome product.

About the VTech Innotab 3

The InnoTab® 3 combines educational games, creative activities and reading skills in a child-friendly, multi-function, touch screen tablet to make learning fun.

  • Compact and lightweight design with 4.3” color touch screen, new directional pad and tilt sensor
  • 2.0 megapixel, 180° rotating camera with more than 55 photo features and special effects
  •  Four different media players: e-book reader, MP3 music player, photo viewer and video player


Includes 16 exciting apps such as:

  • “What’s that Noise?” e-book
  • WonderCam, which uses the camera to add special effects, funny faces and photo frames to pictures
  • Magical Bean Stalk, a growing game lets kids harvest and collect beans from their beanstalk
  • Color & Pop, a coloring book activity that makes coloring pages come to life
  • H2O Go! a directional pad game that teaches science concepts
  • Hundreds of downloads are available via the Learning Lodge™ to enhance learning fun

The Learning Lodge™

  • The Learning Lodge™ features more than 350 educational games, e-books, music and videos developed specifically for each child’s unique stage of development and will nearly double its current selection by the end of the year.
  • The broad library of subjects includes reading, math, social studies, science, creativity, problem solving and so much more!
  • Starting with activities suitable for toddlers and expanding to grade schoolers, the Learning Lodge™ gives every child an opportunity to expand their learning potential while keeping them entertained.
  • Featured throughout the downloads and software cartridges are popular characters from Monsters University®, Turbo®, Planes®, Doc McStuffins®, Sofia the First®, Jake & the Never Land Pirates, Mike the Knight™, Angelina Ballerina®, Team Umizoomi™, Dora the Explorer™, Thomas & Friends®, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles®, Sesame Street and many more.
  • Parents can track their child’s progress through the Learning Lodge™ Progress Log, offer encouragement and share in their pride when kids reach new learning

My Review

We received the Vtech at a perfect time, it was Cooper’s 6th birthday. So of course my family are last minute shoppers and asked what they could get him. I immediately told them Vtech Innotab3 Cartridges. I knew Cooper would love this new gadget. Oh course he did!

Because Daddy has a big boy tablet, Cooper thinks he now is ubber important because he now has his own tablet.  He is so in love with the WonderCam and keeps taking pictures of himself. It’s so cute.  For his birthday he got the Scooby-Doo cartridge.  He can learn math, science, logic and so much more. Each cartridge is filled with different ways to get your keeps to now only learn to but retain the information.

I just love how much fun he has playing with it. It’s such a great alternative to playing mindless video games that have no purpose. I must prefer the educational electronics that Vtech provides.

Keep Connected!


The giveaway

One lucky reader will win their very own Vtech Innotab 3. How awesome is that? Hurry because this ends on 9/26! US residents only. Good Luck!

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Speck Protective Cases Review and Giveaway


speckiphonecaseI recently took the big step and got an iPhone. While it’s just and iPhone 4s I have to say I love it. I will admit I am a bit rough on my phones. I am always dropping them and shoving them in my purse so protecting it is important to me. I got the opportunity to try Speck protective cases and I have to say I love it.

About Speck

Founded in 2001 by a group of California-based engineers, they’re captivated by gadgets, amped up about the technology behind them and downright fanatical about design. They have cases for all your gadgets including MacBooks, iPhones, smartphones, and tablets.

My Review

I choose the Candyshell for the iPhone 4s. I went with the yellow shell with peacock accents. I have been using this shell now for about a month, sorry my review is a tad overdue. I have dropped it a few times and it has been slammed in my purse and tossed around and yet this case has held up with no scratches on it at all. My previous case only lasted about a month because the outside scratched so easy and looked like crap.

I have no worries when I dropped my phone either. the hard shell protected the phone with every drop and I knew that I didn’t have to worry if I broke it. So this is a great case if you have the dropsies. Trust me this will be your forever case of choice.

The Giveaway

Speck was nice enough to send me 2 extra Candyshell cases of the same color.  YOU MUST HAVE A IPHONE 4/4S. Thanks Speck. US Residents only. Ends 9/22/13. Good Luck

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MacLarry and The Stinky Cheese Battle Review


veggie talesI love that Cooper, while almost 6, still loves a good Veggie Tales movie. I just love all the good messages these movies bring. Cooper just started Kindergarten and it great to know he has learned so good lessons prior to school. I was thrilled to the chance to review the new Veggie Tale movie: MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle.

About the Movie

Larry the Cucumber stars as MacLarry – a misfit inventor who is stuck in the middle of the silliest battle ever between two tribes of perpetual pranksters!  When the biggest prank of the century is unleashed, the feuding tribes are in danger of being overcome by the stinkiest cheese in the land!  Will MacLarry realize that his God-given talents may be just what is needed to save them all from the loathsome Limburger??

My Review

One thing I love about all the Veggie Tale movies is that conversations that it brings up afterwards. While I would like to think Cooper is perfect, recently he has started to act out at his daycare with hitting and throwing huge fits. So this movie comes at a great time to talk about fighting. We had fun with the activity pack and set up our pre-movie meal with the great Veggie Tale plates and cups.  You can download the activity pack for yourself.

Christmas is closer than you want to think of but I would add this to your child Christmas list as a must have!



Sprout Watch Review


eco-friendly watchGoing green is simpler than what you might think.  You could change your household cleaners and grocery bags but have you ever thought about your watch? I know right? That is one thing I would have never thought to change. I am thrilled to have the chance to review the eco-friendly Sprout Watch.

About Sprout Watch

Sprout Watches set out to create an eco-forward lifestyle brand which utilizes the highest quality materials while striving to protect the Earth’s natural resources. Constructed from sustainable elements such as biodegradable corn resin, bamboo, cork, organic cotton, mother of pearl conflict free diamonds and Swarovski’s Advanced Lead-Free Crystal, Sprout Watches are setting the standard for eco-friendly, fashion-forward timepieces.

Mission Statement: Simply put, we set out to make the most eco-forward watches available. Truthful, transparent and to the point – we’ll never be anything less.

My Review

I was so thrilled when I got the chance to try this awesome Sprout Watch. I just would have never thought about changing my watch to be eco-friendly but I am so glad I found it. It’s very comfortable to wear and very light weight. I have to say I love the band. Made from latte wool felt it’s so soft it doesn’t irritate your skin.  Here are some other features of this watch:

  • Corn Resin Case, Bezel, reflector Ring and Movement Holder
  • Tan100% Wool Felt Strap with Corn Resin Buckle
  • Tan Bamboo Dial
  • Rose Gold-tone Numerals and Indexes
  • Brown Printed Outside Minute Track
  • Mineral Crystal
  • Mercury-Free Battery
  • Approx. Band Length: 240mm
  • Approx. Band Widtch: 20mm
  • Approx. Case Diameter: 38mm
  • Quartz Movement

It looks stylish and it makes for a great conversation piece. Christmas is coming folks faster than we might want and a watch is a great and common gift so why not make it an eco-friendly Sprout Watch instead???

Keep in touch with Sprout Watch for the latest product information.





Go Green with ecoStore USA


all natural productsGoing green doesn’t have to be difficult. There are several simple and easy ways that you can change today.  One quick and easy way is to change the cleaning products in your home. ecoStore USA has household products that can allow you to do one stop shopping.

I was thrilled to be chosen as a Brand Ambassador for ecoStore USA and was allowed to try many of their products.

About ecoStore

ecoStore was founded in 1993 by Malcolm and Melanie Rands from their home in New Zealand.  Their dream to create a healthier, more sustainable world was indeed ambitious. ecoSTORE USA was attracted to the message that our personal wellness should not be ignored. ecoSTORE USA Products are 100% Plant-Based their packaging carries the No nasty chemicals™ message.

Laundry Room

One change I am so thrilled I made was laundry detergent. I have found that it helps my sensitive son and husband. They have both done less itching which is great. Plus knowing that all natural good stuff is going into my clothes makes me feel better in them.


Having a little one the products I use in the kitchen are important to me. He is always grabbing at the counter and then putting his fingers in his mouth. Same with the dining table, food is always dropped and then eaten. So knowing that the cleaning products I am using won’t harm him is great. ecoStore USA has a great all purpose cleaner with a orange scent that works wonders.


I just used the toilet bowl cleaner for the first time the other day. This does a really great job. It does get an extra thumbs up for no nasty chemicals in it and does the same great job as those with chemicals. I also got to try their hand soap which I do love.  The little one now has chemical free hands.


My son loves to help me clean, I know weird right? Well now it’s nice to know that I can have him help and the chemicals he is spraying won’t harm him. While he might clean the same spot on the glass door over and over, this glass cleaner cleans mirrors and glass cabinets beautifully.

All of these products I was blessed to try are just one simple and easy way you can make the switch to green today. Check out ecoStore USA and reduce your carbon footprint for the future.

Kuhn Rikon Spill Stopper Review


spill_stopper_flowerI will never admit that I know how to cook. I can however boil some water with the best of them. Living in Iowa and it being summer there is only one thing I want to boil water for. SWEET CORN. Man I can eat sweet corn for every meal. I was honored to try the Kuhn Rikon Kochblume Spill Stopper to help my pots for boiling over.


Kuhn Rikon is a family-owned company with headquarters in Rikon, Switzerland, with subsidiaries in Great Britain, Spain and the USA helping to make our products available in more than 40 countries worldwide. Their uniquely Swiss cookware and cooks’ tools are designed to make healthy cooking faster, easier and more enjoyable. It is no wonder Kuhn Rikon products are loved by millions of home cooks and professional chefs worldwide.

Kuhn Rikon offers a ton of products from cookware to the littlest kitchen gadget.

My Review

I do have to say this little gem does come in handy. Normally  my pots of water boil over because I am too impatient to wait for them to boil. I usually turn the burner on full blast and wait for the bubbles. So by the time I actually put anything in the bubbly bath it tends to spill over making my kitchen smell horrible.

The spill stopper is a neat kitchen tool that helps spill over. You just sit it on top of the pot and it creates a kinda dome that catches the boiling water before it reaches the burner.  If you are a pasta or sweet corn lover like myself, this is a fantastic gadget to stock in your kitchen.


My Friend Paris Book Review and #Giveaway


childrens bookReading books are a night time routine in our house. My son loves to listen to the stories.  I am always excited to find new books on different topics that we haven’t read about. I was thrilled to get the chance to review these two books from My Friend Paris.

About the Author

Paris Morris is a 14 year old author living in San Francisco. She started writing at the age of 11.  She writes about her travels and her beautiful twin sisters.  (Wow such talent at a young age)

Paris Goes to Lake Tahoe

This is the first book in Paris’ travels.  She travels to Lake Tahoe with her family for fun and adventure. I love this book because I could relate it better with my son. It’s from a child’s point of view and I think Cooper could understand it more. While this book is about a girl, I don’t think  it really matter who reads this.

I’m Having Twins

This is a great story to have on hand if you are an expecting Mom and are worried about how the sibling is going to react with a new baby or babies.  Again what is great is that this is being told from the child’s point of view. The trials and tribulations of being a big sister and the realizations that they are hers too. This is a book that got Paris Morris started as a young author. She lived this experience and wants all families to know how the transitions can be.

My Review

Cooper enjoyed these books. While he couldn’t relate really to the twins book he did really love the adventure of Paris Goes to Lake Tahoe.  It spurred the “Mom let’s go there now” mentality but it did spark the conversation of how much fun and adventure family vacations can be.  I do think he related more because it was written for him by a child like him.

These books would be a great birthday party gift for your child to take.

The Giveaway

New Year Publishing is giving one lucky reader to win a book of their choice from My Friend Paris. US Residents only. Ends 8/1/13. Good Luck

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