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~Giveaway- Measure Up Bowls~


 I have the privilage of being sent a set of Measure Up bowls to review. Can I just tell you how I love
these things.  No need to dirty a measuring cup. Each bowl is marked with measuring lines to tell you exactly how much you are having. I was blessed with the 2 bowl set. They are beautiful bowls. 
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Encourage your Child to Feel Important


 It’s imperative for a child’s healthy development to feel important and worthy.  Healthy self-esteem is a child’s armor against the challenges of the world. Kids who feel good about themselves seem to have an easier time handling conflicts and resisting negative pressures. They tend to smile more readily and enjoy life. These kids are realistic and generally optimistic.  It’s also been shown that children who feel important are well-rounded, respectful, and excel in academics, extracurricular activities and hobbies and develop healthy relationships with their peers.  Continue reading Encourage your Child to Feel Important

Gaiam Pedometer Great for Exercise


Want to know how many steps you take in a day? I bet less than you think. I am giving away this Gaiam Pedometer with walking CD to one lucky reader.  

How would you rather burn an extra 100 calories? Briskly walking 1 mile in 20 minutes? Doing aerobics for 16 minutes? Playing football for 12 minutes? Swimming for 10 minutes?  

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Goal Setting for Kids


One of the best ways to get children to feel grown up is to let them set goals. When they come to you asking for the next new game or toy ask them to work out a way to get it for themselves.

Ask your child to think of ways they can earn the money for the toy. If pocket money is not part of your parenting plan, perhaps you could work out a way for your child to earn credits or stars. This shows them that they have the power to achieve something they want. It teaches them that if they want something and are willing to work for it then they have a chance of getting it.

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Child Internet Protection



On the internet there are various websites that display offensive content. The content may be violent material or internet pornography. It becomes necessary to protect children who are less than 18 years. Offensive content that is shown on the internet is considered to be harmful for children.

It can have adverse effects on the child. In fact such information may spoil the child. Today internet is easily accessible to children. Parents need to keep on what their children are doing when they are surfing the net.

The child internet protection act is a law that is passed by Congress to restrict children from accessing offensive content. This federal law was passed in December 2000 to address the problems that may arise due to precarious information that is available on the internet.

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Netflix Review


Do you own a DVD player? Do you have an extra $9.99 per month to spare to get healthy? If so, did you know Netflix has exercise videos you can rent? I have been a Netflix member for YEARS and I have never thought once about getting an exercise video.

If you are not familiar with Netflix its a simple delivered to your home movie rental store. I LOVE it. We are on a more expensive plan and we are able to check out 3 movies at a time. The basic package is only $9.99 for one movie at a time. Good thing is there are no late fees and you can keep that movie for as long as you want. So why not rent a yoga video, do it for 30 days and send it back? Can’t ask for more variety than that.

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Stressed Out Kids


Baseball practice, piano practice, dance class, after school activities, homework, family night, church activities! Are our kids doing too much? It’s an epidemic that is Stressed Out Kidssweeping through our homes. It’s about giving our kids what we never had growing up, but too much can be a bad thing.

When we too many extracurricular activities to our plates we miss out on some very valuable family moments. Not only that but stress is becoming more of an issue with kids.

If you want your child to participate in other activities, try limiting the number of extracurricular activities they are involved in. Let your child take the time to see which activities he really likes and stick with those. And please, don’t try to make the decisions for them just because it is something you did or always wanted to do.
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Potty Training


I am posting this mostly for myself. We are going to be broaching this subject soon and I am terrified!Toilet training is a learning process, not a disciplinary process, and a Potty Trainingcomplicated one at that! Your child has to understand what you want, and then has to learn how to do it. In addition to understanding the bodily sensations, getting to the bathroom and getting clothes off, a child must first constrict sphincter muscles to achieve control, and then relax them to eliminate. Obviously there is a lot to learn. Gaining bowel and bladder control is a skill and fortunately children usually like to learn new skills.

The mastery of skills usually follows a pattern. First comes bowel regularity often followed by bowel control. Daytime bladder control often comes next but for many children this can happen simultaneously, and finally later (often much later), comes nighttime bladder control.

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Me time for the Busy Mom


Mothers are notorious for taking on more than they can handle. You’re a mother and you’re suppose to be able to do it all and be perfect at it. There’s a mother’s rule bookBusy Mom somewhere that says you can do it. Mothers can take on the world and not get tired. If you don’t do everything and not get tired , you get sent to the land of mother guilt. Dad’s can work come home sit in his favorite chair , watch TV and nobody makes him feel guilty. But if mom tries that , you’d think the world was coming to an end. In reality Mom’s get tired, mother’s become exhausted and every once in a while mother has to say “that’s enough” I need a break. There’s a few things you can do to get relieve.

*Insist on one night a month away from it all. A night out with the girls, join a club, play bridge, take a class for one night let dad baby sit and you get out of the house.

*Practice breathing exercises. This is something you can do while you’re taking a shower, making breakfast, or doing any of the dozens of things you’re expected to do. This gets the blood flowing and energizes the body.

*Take a fifteen minute nap. Do this before the kids get home for school or while the baby take its afternoon nap. Mothers need this afternoon pick-me-up.

*Let grandma baby sit while you take a fragrant bubble bath. Don’t forget the nice smelling candles. Just what a mother needs to relieve the stress.