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As a full-time career oriented mother of one, I love to chat and write about topics that matter to me in my life. My day has to starts with a cup of joe and usually ends with exhaustion. I have a passion for cross stitching and of course spending time with the kiddo. I am always on the look out for topics to write about like recipes, healthy living, and products I find fascinating.

Holy Balls Batman


I actually made it to the gym last night! OMG who would have thought. I was there for about 45 min. My knee felt really good too. I did the treadmill for 15 min on 2.6 and then the arches on my feet started to hurt. Then I tried the bike for 5 min but that still hurt my feet. So I decided to jump on weights to give my feet a rest. Did that for about 10 min and then jumped on the elliptical from hell for only 5 min before my feet hurt again. So I was happy that I made myself go. I talked to hubby about making sure I got there and he was okay with it. I agreed to go at 8pm so that way if he wanted to go he could go before or after me.

So I did make it to green on the gruve but barely. I was at orange when I went to the gym at 8:15 last night. I tried my hardest to make green while I was there but only got to blue. But then walking around the house before bed I managed to get to green! I have to say I love my Gruve. It really makes me want to move to see that green. Even my son loves to press the button and remind me of the color.
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Stressed Out Kids


Baseball practice, piano practice, dance class, after school activities, homework, family night, church activities! Are our kids doing too much? It’s an epidemic that is Stressed Out Kidssweeping through our homes. It’s about giving our kids what we never had growing up, but too much can be a bad thing.

When we too many extracurricular activities to our plates we miss out on some very valuable family moments. Not only that but stress is becoming more of an issue with kids.

If you want your child to participate in other activities, try limiting the number of extracurricular activities they are involved in. Let your child take the time to see which activities he really likes and stick with those. And please, don’t try to make the decisions for them just because it is something you did or always wanted to do.
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March Forth


Did you know that March 4th is the only day of the year that instructs you to put one foot in front of the other? I love this day. So please pass on a Happy March 4th Thursday to some so they know that anything is possible on that day!

Well I beleive it’s time for my son to see the doctor about his sleeping issue. Friday night and last night we was up from 12-3. We can’t deal with this much longer. Oy! When he was a baby at least when he got up to feed he went back to sleep.

Weight wise I didn’t lose anything, in fact I gained but that was because of poor food choices this week. I really want to get to the gym but with Cooper being so hard to put to sleep and my lack of sleep I just can’t get up and go. Normally I go at 8:30 at night but when he goes to bed these days I am right behind him because I know we will be getting up. Continue reading March Forth

Potty Training


I am posting this mostly for myself. We are going to be broaching this subject soon and I am terrified!Toilet training is a learning process, not a disciplinary process, and a Potty Trainingcomplicated one at that! Your child has to understand what you want, and then has to learn how to do it. In addition to understanding the bodily sensations, getting to the bathroom and getting clothes off, a child must first constrict sphincter muscles to achieve control, and then relax them to eliminate. Obviously there is a lot to learn. Gaining bowel and bladder control is a skill and fortunately children usually like to learn new skills.

The mastery of skills usually follows a pattern. First comes bowel regularity often followed by bowel control. Daytime bladder control often comes next but for many children this can happen simultaneously, and finally later (often much later), comes nighttime bladder control.

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Me time for the Busy Mom


Mothers are notorious for taking on more than they can handle. You’re a mother and you’re suppose to be able to do it all and be perfect at it. There’s a mother’s rule bookBusy Mom somewhere that says you can do it. Mothers can take on the world and not get tired. If you don’t do everything and not get tired , you get sent to the land of mother guilt. Dad’s can work come home sit in his favorite chair , watch TV and nobody makes him feel guilty. But if mom tries that , you’d think the world was coming to an end. In reality Mom’s get tired, mother’s become exhausted and every once in a while mother has to say “that’s enough” I need a break. There’s a few things you can do to get relieve.

*Insist on one night a month away from it all. A night out with the girls, join a club, play bridge, take a class for one night let dad baby sit and you get out of the house.

*Practice breathing exercises. This is something you can do while you’re taking a shower, making breakfast, or doing any of the dozens of things you’re expected to do. This gets the blood flowing and energizes the body.

*Take a fifteen minute nap. Do this before the kids get home for school or while the baby take its afternoon nap. Mothers need this afternoon pick-me-up.

*Let grandma baby sit while you take a fragrant bubble bath. Don’t forget the nice smelling candles. Just what a mother needs to relieve the stress.

In Your Hands


Well my cold is about over. Enough at least to get me back to the gym. I am sooooooo mad this week. I gained 3lbs ( you can stop gasping now). 3 is a lot to gain. For that I should be in a food coma. I am so livid. Grant you I didn’t workout nor did I eat the best but I didn’t binge or anything. I had Chineese Monday and I had pizza over the weekend. I also didn’t log my food. So I know what your saying. What did you except your not doing it? I know I am not but 3 I thought maybe 1. Today marks a new WW week for me and I am going to make the best of it. I will get back in the gym tomorrow and at least once if not twice over the weekend. I know people say I have a choice and that I don’t “need” to do anything but I do need to do this. Not only for me but for Cooper. Momma has got to be around the show the ladies the naked photos of him when he was born.
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I love this song. It’s by Matthew West called The Motion.  It speaks the truth about what we do regardless of what we are going through.

I don’t wanna go through the motions
I don’t wanna go one more day
without Your all consuming passion inside of me
I don’t wanna spend my whole life asking,
“What if I had given everything,
instead of going through the motions?”

After I typed my last blog I heard this song on the radio and realized that is what I am doing. I am going through the motions but what if I gave it everything?  What if?



So last week a friend challenged me. This time it was a spiritual challenge. What you say? Yeah I am trying, which is very hard for me, to become more spiritual. Now those who know me know I don’t do church so does that make me less of a believer than those that do? I feel if I believe in God I can worship/talk/pray wherever I want and it’s the same.  I have also found a couple of websites. One is which is an radio station that plays positive music. I can take all the positive I can get. Through that site there is another called which talks about God and believing. They also have people you can chat with live.. Yeah not to that point yet and really haven’t searched that site a lot but it’s on my list.

So let me give you background on me and why this is hard. Growing up church was a must. There was no missing. No complaining. It had to be done. Dressing up was a requirement. I remember my mom shoving me in tights when I was younger.  I hated every minute of it.  I was brought up Lutheran and the church was very laid back, IMO. By the time I got to confirmation classes I felt it was a waste of time. I had gone though many years of Sunday school learning the same stuff. Shouldn’t I just be confirmed already? Needless to say when my parents dropped me off, I would just walk home. The pastor tried talking to me and the importance but it fell on deaf ears. So really I am not confirmed as anything.

Now I know I am not the only one that when something goes wrong the first thing you do it say “God why are you doing this to me?” We all have done that. Now why I do that ALL the time about EVERY little thing I have no idea. I don’t know how it started. It’s and easy things to do right? I mean God doesn’t talk back so you can yell and scream and blame all you want. I know it’s not his fault for the choices I make but I do feel he is giving me things I simply don’t want.  I have also had lots of death around me over the years. The first at like age 10.  To date I have had 8 family members pass. One being my BFF at the age of 26 and then my Dad. I have a lot of anger over my BFF. That will have to be another blog.

Example you say? This horrid job I have.  Why am I here? I have hated this job for over a year. Can’t find anything out there. So, during my challenge (which I will tell you in a bit what it is) I say “Show me why I am here for guide me to something else” So here I sit and wait. Really? How long do these requests take? I am not a patient person people.. LOL 

Okay so the challenge that was given to me was to have a conversation with God for 5 min a day for 10 days straight. There are no limitations on what I can say or talk about. If I am mad, say it. So I am like okay I can do this. I mean what can it hurt right?? I lasted 3 days. I just forgot to do it.  So here I go.. starting over. I am going to finish this challenge. What will happen when it’s done? My honest opinion? I believe nothing but I am all for being proved wrong.

Why am I here?


Ever have those days/weeks/months/years that make you wonder why you are here? I am having one right now. Nothing, ok not nothing but feels like it, is going the way I want it. Job, home life, weight loss, knee.. you name it.  Now the weight loss thing I feel I have under control but not sure after last night buffet run. But I just feel down. Not fully depressed or anything but just have the blues.  Why am I doing what I am doing?  I feel such in a rut. According to my husband I am never happy. I get frustrated at the drop of a hat. I hate my job and jobs are hard to get.  I wonder why people are put on this earth to only be unhappy.

Now some will be thinking, we make our own happiness. To some extent I beleive that is true.  But must I always make lemonade out of lemons? When I was in the hotel business I always had to fake being happy. That is what customer service was.  I got so sick of pretending to be happy ALL the time when I wasn’t. It would be easier to be happy if I actually WAS happy.  How does an unhappy person get happy?

Sure I can change jobs, lose the weight but will that really make me happy? Does everyone know what makes them truely happy? If you do, you are blessed. For most, we struggle. But why? If we are put on this earth for a purpose wouldn’t you think our creator would want us to be happy fulfilling that purpose? 

I will just come out and say it, I have a lot of anger towards God. I wonder if He and I will ever be buddy buddy.  I am not sure we ever will. Maybe that is why I am unhappy.  In my life I have lost 8 family members. Well one wasn’t family but she was as close as you can get, my best friend. She was only 26.  After all these years I am still angry over it. I know it’s life and I hear God doesn’t throw at you more then you can handle.  I don’t know. I just have to shake my head over it all.

I want to be truely happy with life and with whatI do. I want to feel I am here for a reason not just a body going through the same motions day after day. How do you acheive that?  That is MY million dollar question. Got the answer? I have a feeling I only know the answer to that. Where to start finding it, I have no clue.

Here is a song I am listening to. (Nancy hush) called One Clear Voice by Peter Cetera

Whole world is talking
Drowning out my voice
How can I hear myself
With all this noise
But all this confusion
Just disappears
When I find a quiet place
Where I can hear

One clear voice
Calling out for me to listen
One clear voice
Whispers words of wisdom
I close my eyes
‘Till I find what I’ve been missing
If I’m very still, I will hear
One clear voice

I’m always searching
For which path to take
Sometimes I’m so afraid
To make mistakes
Somewhere inside me
Stronger than my fears
Just like the sound of music
To my ears, I hear (chorus)