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As a full-time career oriented mother of one, I love to chat and write about topics that matter to me in my life. My day has to starts with a cup of joe and usually ends with exhaustion. I have a passion for cross stitching and of course spending time with the kiddo. I am always on the look out for topics to write about like recipes, healthy living, and products I find fascinating.

Goal Setting for Kids


One of the best ways to get children to feel grown up is to let them set goals. When they come to you asking for the next new game or toy ask them to work out a way to get it for themselves.

Ask your child to think of ways they can earn the money for the toy. If pocket money is not part of your parenting plan, perhaps you could work out a way for your child to earn credits or stars. This shows them that they have the power to achieve something they want. It teaches them that if they want something and are willing to work for it then they have a chance of getting it.

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Healthy Living Monday


Welcome to all the new pledges and good luck to all the Mamavation Mom’s that are applying.

Well this week has been something. I enjoyed 2 ays off work. Got lots of cleaning done, although you can’t tell now, and got lots of errands run that needed to be.  I wish I could work part time and still make the money that I do. Oh a girl can dream.

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Ten Techniques for Relaxation


These ten relaxation techniques can save your life, because stress is more than just unpleasant. It’s also dangerous to your health. Disciplined practices such as meditation can help relieve that stress, but what if you don’t have the time or motivation? Maybe you need to try a few of these simple ways to relax.

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Blog for Money Resources


While researching how to create money while blogging I came across a few resources that you may want to check out.
George Brown’s Traffic Ultimatum – The #1 Traffic Course Online.!
Rapid Mass Traffic
Easy PLR
Keyword Elite

I personally love the Easy PLR site. So easy to get article to talk about on your blog.  I will also be trying George Brown’s online course. I hope some of these help you.

PLR Articles and Keywords


Pick the PLR articles for your niche sites very carefully to ensure that you are able to successfully get traffic and gain profit from these sites. If you are going to try and utilize free website content articles, then it may be difficult for you to find ones that have your exact keywords, so you may have to either make revisions to the articles or base your keywords on the articles that you find. If you are going to buy content, make sure that you let the writer know what your niche keywords are and what your specific your preferred keyword density and placement are. Remember, the wrong articles can leave you with little traffic and very low search engine rankings if they do not fit in properly with either your niche or with keywords that are easy to attain high rankings for.

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Blogging for Money


So Many Affiliate Programs! Which One Do I Choose?

Ask questions first before you join an affiliate program. Do a little research about the choices of program that you intend to join into. Get some answers because they will be the deciding point of what you will be achieving later on. There are tons of affilates out there, searching and find the best one for you is critical. You also want to know what your niche will be so you aren focuing on only type rather than having a webisite of all sorts of affiliates.

I am just starting this process myself but do find the following questions helpful when picking an affilate.

Lack of… well everything


Yeah I have Monday and Tuesday off from this lovely job of mine! Monday I am running errands and hope to clean the house. Tuesday I hope to hit the gym either for a couple hours or at least twice. Might see if I can drop in on my trainer’s class at noon. I wish I didn’t have to work then I could go to her class everyday. Oh well I can’t have everything.

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A Better Tweeter in Twitter


Tweeters from all over the world want to learn how to become a better tweeter in Twitter. How will you do this?

Firstly, you need to learn how to ‘re-tweet’. You can definitely improve your standing in Twitter if you re-tweet. When one of your followers posts an appealing article, you can re-tweet it. If you do this, most of your followers will also do the same. Just imagine all your followers re-tweeting. When they add your username to their updates, you will be exposed to many users. Be careful in re-tweeting because you might not be posting interesting or helpful topics. Make sure that you re-tweet only the good ones. How can you re-tweet? You need to copy the original tweet and write the prefix RT together with the name of the originator.

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Online Church Services. Good or Bad?



While trying to find a church in my area to possibly attend I found a lot of online church services. Who thought of that one? I have never used one but I wonder if it’s a good or bad idea. I am a firm believer that I don’t have to “go” to a place to worship God. While many disagree with me, does that mean I have to go everyday in order to worship God? Can’t I simply praise God from my couch in my bathrobe? So I did some looking into this topic.

There are tons of people using online church services as a means to worship and hear God’s word. Is it O.K. to interact this way regarding our church involvement? Do you feel that one has to go to a place to worship God? Here are pros and cons.

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