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5 Habits of Successful People That Are Worth Practicing

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Contrary to popular belief, not every successful person was ‘born with it;’ others were made, due to their experiences and attitude. Being successful involves many things, including your daily habits. Research shows that only 8% of people are able to achieve their goals. What do they do differently, and how can you also accomplish the targets you set for yourself? Here are some effective habits worth considering.  

Organization skills

Successful people are organized and don’t leave anything to chance. They plan ahead of their day by setting realistic goals that they hope to achieve. One thing they also do is to prioritize their activities, to enable them to give each one the attention it needs during the day. Additionally, they keep their environments clean and neatly arranged to focus well on the tasks at hand. 

You can develop your organizational skills first by planning your schedule the night before. You can also learn how to set goals for yourself. For example, what do you hope to achieve before the day ends? Asking yourself such questions will help you know the approach to adopt towards making your goals a reality. Having practical deadlines makes this easy for you as well. The more you practice this, the more it becomes a habit, gradually leading you to success. 


Successful people are also dedicated to whatever they set their minds to, making commitments and going all out to honor them. They know what they want, have a vision, and work tirelessly towards it. Commitment can take a while, but you can achieve it too. This starts with little steps concerning major aspects of your life such as your job, your relationships, your life plans, and others. Dee Agarwal advises that you identify your goal and stick to it by strengthening your resolve irrespective of the circumstances around you. Failure should not deter you but rather push you to beat the odds and come out victorious. 


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People who read a lot have a higher success rate than people who don’t, which is why successful people make this a habit. They understand that reading opens the mind up and stimulates it to bring out innovative ideas. It also gives you a broader view of life and increases your store of knowledge. 

You can start developing your reading habit slowly but steadily, which requires consistency and a genuine desire to learn. You don’t have to finish one book in a day; you can read a chapter daily. Also, you have to understand that you’re reading to gain knowledge, so make notes, highlight strong points and identify how you can apply them to your life. Make it a point to read books that don’t add value to you, so go for books that focus on life skills, financial stability, self-improvement, entrepreneurship, and other success-based books. 

A conscious effort to take some time off

Being successful requires a lot of hard work and determination but having the ability to stay composed even in the toughest situations is also crucial. This is why you need to make the conscious effort to take some time and breathe, even if it’s through simple activities such as stretching, meditation, etc. To avoid complete burnout, especially in a highly demanding schedule, it’s important to take things one step at a time. 

Taking the time to unwind after a day’s work and giving your mind space to breathe also plays a major role in how successful you are. Being relaxed is a habit that you can gradually build. Give yourself the time to relax and take a break from your busy schedule. You can stand in the shower for a while or relax on your bed while listening to soothing music. You can choose any mode of relaxation, as long as it refreshes you. This enables you to think rationally even in the face of problems and situations that seem to be out of your control. 


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Building a network is one habit that people need to be successful. Networking is simply the act of meeting with people to interact and share ideas with them. Building a network of people who share the same vision as you is a great step towards success. It’s advisable to avoid hanging out with people who add little or no value to your life; stick with those with positive attitudes and learn from them. 

Successful people don’t make it overnight by mere wishful thinking. They develop habits that position them for success and leave nothing to chance. Developing the habits mentioned above will set you on your path to success. 

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