CSIThere’s a new trend going on, bringing popular TV series to life in video  games. There’s computer, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and Wii, all forms of play are popular. Here’s a lineup of games that are based on TV shows and reviews of them. See if your show is available as a game.


There are so many crime shows of the present and past here are a few of the popular ones.

  • CSI: Deadly Intent (PC, Wii, Xbox and Nintendo) gives you an immerse experience into the crime scene.
  • Alias (PC & PlayStation) this third person adventure combines action with stealth.
  • NCIS (xbox,  PC, Wii, Playstation) has very believable characters and allows the player to start over if they mess up.

24 has to be my all time favorite show. So I was excited to hear that 24: The Game was released. Who wouldn’t what to live the life of Jack Bauer? —Karla Bond, Editor


Children like to play games so here are some that are geared toward them.

  • Sonny With A Chance (Nintendo DS) board game style with mini games.
  • Dora The Explorer: (All platfoms) several different titles and adventures.
  • Price is Right 2010 Edition (Wii)  a fun version of the popular game show.


Reality television is the new craze and it’s fitting that the top shows be in game format as well.

  • The Amazing Race (Wii )follows the format of the real show with clues and challenges (find out more about Amazing Race season 20 ).
  • Survivor (Wii) has mini game challenges but not much like the real show.
  • The Biggest Loser (Wii)  players can go through the training like the show constants do or just play the game challenges.




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