Whether you’re new to the vegetarian lifestyle or an old hat, finding cuisine that keeps you interested can be a challenge. A person can’t live on fruits and veggies alone! If you’re trying to figure out what kind of cuisine options you have, we’ve made it easy for you by listing the top five! Here are the most vegetarian-friendly food options out there:


Indian cuisine is, by far, the friendliest fare for vegetarians. You can dine in an Indian restaurant, or cook Indian food at home, with little to no alteration. The most popular dish on an Indian menu is curry, and it can easily be made with meatless options. Eggplant curry is a must-have recipe in any vegetarian’s kitchen. Other popular Indian vegetarian dishes include: Aloo Chat, Palak paneer, Varan, Rava Dosa, Aloo Roti, Chana Masala and Pakistani Aloo Subzi. You can find any of these recipes online and many of the foods on the menu at your favorite Indian restaurant.


Vegetarianism, in whole or part, is becoming increasingly popular in China. As such, a great number of dishes have been created or altered to suit herbivores.  The Chinese have always used a large number of vegetables in their food and, today, tofu is being used in many dishes that have been traditionally meat-laden. The next time you’re at the local Chinese take-away, look for these items on the menu: Hot Pepper Tofu, Cold Cucumber Salad, Cabbage and Mushrooms, Eggplant with Chili and Potato, and Sautéed Cabbage with Mushrooms.


In Italy, eating meat is something of a status symbol. Due to the somewhat poor past of the country, being able to afford meat meant that you were well-to-do, and that attitude has made its way through the generations. There are easy ways to turn virtually any Italian dish into a vegetarian feast with very little effort. Vegetable lasagna is easy to make, meatless crumbles can be added to marinara sauce and tofu can be used to make stuffed shells. Your Italian dishes don’t have to be comprised solely of pasta and sauce!


The Mediterranean peoples of Greece, Spain, and Israel, to name a few, have adopted a healthy, satisfying diet, full of meatless options. The diet is quickly gaining popularity in the United States, making recipes easy to find and convenient to prepare. This largely plant-based diet includes such fabulous recipes as: Greek Stewed Potatoes, Penne with Swiss chard, Baked Tomatoes Provencal, Paella Vegetarian and Hummus. You can find recipes on hundreds of sites on the Internet as well as in books easily found in your local library.


You may have difficulty finding vegetarian dishes on the menu at your favorite Mexican restaurant, but you can easily prepare meatless Mexican meals at home! Look for interesting substitutes for the meat found in these dishes and you’ll come up with Mexican food that your whole family will beg for. Portobello mushrooms are fantastic in fajitas, tofu and cheese enchiladas are simply mouth-watering and meatless chicken strips make great filler for crunchy or soft tacos.


Thai food is another great, vegetarian-friendly option. Thai dishes are full of flavor, texture and wonderful aromas that are sure to have even the most discriminating vegetarian’s mouth watering! Some of the best Thai dishes include: Coconut Pumpkin Soup, Tofu Noodle Soup with Lemongrass, Spring Rolls and Thai Corn Fritters. Be careful: you may love these dishes so much that you find yourself addicted to Thai food!

“Vegetarian” doesn’t have to equal “boring.” Vegetarian also doesn’t have to mean struggling to find nutritious, great tasting meals. With these five options, you’re guaranteed to have variety, spice and excitement on your plate at every meal!

Diane Magruder is a hotel and cuisine reviewer and, while she's in between destinations, blogs for Thailandholidays.net. She highly recommends checking out thailandholidays.net/phuket in particular.

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  1. I've been a vegetarian for almost 20 years and I've found that the only two cuisines that are lacking in vegetarian options are Spanish (from Spain) and German–every other cuisine seems to have a lot of options!
    Stopping by from the Alexa hop!

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