greys2012 was a year with a wide variety of television shows, both on network TV as well as cable. With the introduction of many new shows and the continuation of many favorites, there were some incredibly shocking scenes that took place, especially in some of the finale episodes that left viewers on the edge of their seats, either completely stunned or simply wanting more! Here are some of 2012′s most “must see” moments in television.

 Law and Order SVU

 Law and Order SVU opened its season with the arrival of two new detectives, Amanda Rollins and Nick Amaro. The season was full of intense stories, all leading up to the last three episodes, where the team was working hard to crack the case of an alleged prostitution ring, led by one of the most notorious women in New York City named Delia. The team tried to take on Delia repeatedly but she was simply too powerful, as she had connections leading all the way to the top, and nobody wanted to cross her. Amaro and Captain Cragen had been meeting with a young escort who portrayed to them that she was deathly afraid of what could happen to her, and the season finale ends in a cliffhanger that left avid SVU fans in a state of literal disbelief. Just when we think that the episode has tied itself up for the season in a neat little package, the scene cuts to Captain Cragen waking up in a bedroom, looking a little dazed. The next thing the audience sees is that he has blood on his hands, and he has actually woken up next to the young escort, who is now covered in blood. The audience is left to wonder if the wonderful Captain Cragen had anything to do with this gruesome murder.

Breaking Bad

While Breaking Bad is known for its dark side, 2012 brought us some seriously shocking stuff. One of the most dramatic moments of season 5 however, was shocking because it lacked the usual violence and darkness that tends to occur, especially when one of the main characters is killed off. In “Say my Name,” the rivalry between Mike and Walt finally ends when things get too close for comfort for Mike, and he decides to go on the lam before he gets arrested and thrown in prison for the rest of his life. Just as he is about to make his getaway, he makes the mistake of trusting the delivery of his bag of money, or his cut of the meth enterprise, to Walt. Walt was concerned that after Mike skipped town his crew of prison inmates that he had been paying off to keep quiet would flip if Mike wasn’t around. When Walt shows up with the cash, he demands Mike give him the names of the prisoners. When Mike refuses, Walt shoots him. While the shooting itself is slightly violent, the shock comes when Mike stumbles down to a spot in front of the water and peacefully dies. Not the typical Breaking Bad scenario!

Grey’s Anatomy

The most shocking scene from Grey’s Anatomy in 2012 is undoubtedly the season finale. The residents from Seattle Grace are flying to Boise, Idaho, and their plane crashes. Meredith, Cristina, Lexie, Mark, and Derek are all passengers, as well as Arizona. The plane crashes leaving Mark and Lexie seriously injured and Derek with his entire arm lodged underneath a large piece of metal. Cristina scrambles to make sure everyone is okay, and all they can do is wait for help. The most shocking scene occurs when Lexie, a favorite cast member due to her bubbly personality and charm, basically gives up on life when she realizes that she is too badly injured to continue. Mark sits with her when she dies and it is one of the most heartbreaking and shocking scenes to ever come from this highly dramatic show.

Bring On The Drama!

While these are just a handful of episodes that really stuck out in 2012, 2013 will no doubt be full of twists, turns, and shocking season finales for television fans around the world. There is nothing more exciting than premier week, and based on the last seasons of some of the most loved shows out there, it will definitely be an interesting ride!


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4 Responses to 3 Most Shocking Television Scenes from 2012

  1. Amber M. says:

    Sadly I don’t watch any of these shows lol. Very interesting though!

  2. Keene says:

    I stopped watching SVU when the regulars left. It sounds interesting enough to tune in again!

  3. Kandi Slocum says:

    I used to watch SVU all the time I was a Law & Order Junky (knew every channel and every time all 3 law & orders were on). I may have to start watching at SVU again

  4. Elizabeth T says:

    I like svu :)

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