quick healthy breakfast protein shakeBreakfast is always an issue with me. No matter how many times I research and find new things I soon find myself in the same boat of finding a quick healthy breakfast.  So here are some quick healthy breakfast ideas I have thought of.

Protein Shakes

Basically this is what I do every morning. There are many protein powders out there to choose from and in many different flavors. I currently have banana creme or chocolate.  1 scoop, 8 oz of water, some ice cubes and lots of shakes and I am out the door running. I drink it on my way to work. I generally pair it with a fruit when I get to work. You could also do a fruit smoothie and add a scoop of non-flavored protein powder to it.


Make some mini quiches so you can grab and go. Eggs are always a nice quick healthy breakfast idea but who has time to scramble them in the morning. So I take some egg beaters, onion, and spinach and throw them in my muffin tin. I can grab a couple and go.

Quick Healthy Breakfast  Bananas Foster Style

Oh yes it’s not just a dessert. At first I thought this was rather nasty but it’s one of those things you really have to try to determine if you love it or hate it. There really isn’t a grey line either. I really enjoyed this. So give it a try here is the recipe.

  • 1 banana, sliced
  • 2 tablespoons sugar-free maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese
Coat a small skillet with cooking spray and place on stove at medium heat( I do this in the microwave to save time).  Add sliced bananas and fry for 1 minute, making sure to stir frequently. Add maple syrup to pan and coat the bananas. cook for 1 more minute.  Place cottage cheese on small plate and microwave for 20 seconds.  Top cottage cheese with bananas.

Do you have any quick healthy breakfast ideas? What is your favorite breakfast? Would love to hear your suggestions.

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Karla Bond

As a full-time career oriented mother of one, I love to chat and write about topics that matter to me in my life. My day has to starts with a cup of joe and usually ends with exhaustion. I have a passion for cross stitching and of course spending time with the kiddo. I am always on the look out for topics to write about like recipes, healthy living, and products I find fascinating.

2 Responses to Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas

  1. Emily says:

    All of these sound super yummy thanks for sharing!

  2. Elizabeth T says:

    Thanks for sharing fast breakfast. I need something fast because normally I skip it 🙁

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