Man has it ever been hot here in the Midwest. Thankfully some of the temp have broke and Cooper has once again resumed playing outside. This kids has so much energy that I try to find things for him to do that burns some of that off. Makes bedtime much easier. Here is where PlasmaCar comes in.

What is PlasmaCar?

It's one of the best ride on toys that uses nothing but kid power. You don't have to mess with batteries dying or electrical cords. The PlasmaCar is a unique toy that if energy burning and fun. The kids will have hours of entertainment. Plasmacar has also won numerous awards.

We were honored to have the ability to review the PlasmaCar.

My Review

Cooper was so excited when the box arrived. He barely could wait for my husband to get home. I am not very savvy when it comes to putting things together.  When he took it out of the box there were like 4 pieces to put together. Super easy and fast. I think I could have done it. 

Cooper couldn't wait to get outside and ride it. At first he thought he pushed it with his feet to make it go. It was quite comical seeing him. Then I explained that he has to move the handle back and fourth with his feet up. He quickly caught on and away he went. Thank goodness we have a long driveway. 

This is simple for anyone to use and catch on how it works. My son is 4 and even my nephew tired it and he is 12. This is a great toy to get any child and unique at that. Would make a great birthday gift!

The Giveaway

PlasmaCar is giving one lucky reader the chance to own one. If you are a review/giveaway site/blogger or if you already own/reviewed a PlasmaCar you are NOT eligible for this giveaway.  Good Luck!

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  1. These look so practical to me. Almost scooped one up for a birthday gift. Great to hear they are fun as they look like they would be.

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    I found out on your facebook page. also participated in your other! 🙂

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    I follow your blog so I read about your giveaway that way 🙂  Thanks for a chance to win!  I love reading your reviews!

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    I heard about it through Facebook! Thanks for this great review and giveaway!

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    I found out about this giveaway on your facebook page.

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    Got here via your email.  I was looking at the Garage article and continued to look around.  These cars are cool, my boys have tried one at the toy store, we would love to have one!!

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