National library week is coming up and there is no better time to support your local library. Libraries across the nation are seeing a decline in activity thanks to the advent of E-readers and other mobile technology. Nothing beats the weight of a book in the hands and the smell of pages for a true bookworm! If you’re looking for ways to support your local library, here are five ideas:


Clean Off Your Shelves

Most libraries will take book donations. Whether you have books that the library can add to their shelves or books the library can sell in a fundraiser, book donations are often appreciated. How many books do you have lining your shelves that you haven’t read in ages? Why not share them with the masses and donate them to your local library? If you’re feeling particularly inspired, host a book drive in your neighborhood and collect books from friends and neighbors. All of the books that you collect can then be taken to your local library for donation.


Many libraries have volunteer opportunities and will welcome your help! Do you love to read? Read to children on a Saturday morning. Do you love to teach? Volunteer for your local library’s literacy program and teach adults how to read or to improve the reading skills they already possess. If your library will be holding a book fair, volunteer to stock the shelves or run the cash register! If you’re interested in volunteering, contact your local library and find out where they can best utilize your enthusiasm.


Fundraising is an incredibly helpful way to support your local library. Get creative! You can hold a bake sale, a car wash or even a walk in order to support your library. Take the funds you collect or raise and turn them into a check which you can then present to your library. Libraries are almost always in desperate need of funds and your donation will be incredibly appreciated.

If your children love to read, talk to their principal about getting the school involved. Penny drives are popular in schools and the money collected can be turned over to the library. If you’re creative, you can think of hundreds of ways to fundraise!

Write Letters

When you hear of an issue that is affecting your local library, or libraries across the nation, write letters to your state and local officials, when appropriate. Most people don’t spend the time to write letters or make phone calls to their constituents which means that those that do have a very strong influence over decision making.

Ask What You Can Do

If you’re stuck for ideas, try contacting your library directly and asking them how you can best help. No one knows what libraries need better than librarians! Let the person you contact know that you are eager to support your local library and ask where they can best use your help. Your library may ask you to do something very simple or may request a few hours of your time each week.

Libraries were once the go-to place for books, DVDs and CDs. Parents took children to the library as a special outing, allowing them to pick out books and those books were read together at bed time. Today, libraries across the nation are becoming underutilized.

Whether you’re a parent or a college student, libraries are still beneficial. These buildings contain a wealth of information! The next time you turn on your laptop or pick up your E-reader, consider heading down to your local library instead. You may be surprised at what you find!

Nicole Morgan is a career counselor, and blogs for where you can find information about the best mba online schools.

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  1. I definitely have some books I need to see if I can donate to our local library!  Thanks for the ways to help out!

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